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For many of us, it is an understatement to say that we are in a tough season. If we choose to be totally honest, the statement must be changed to the fact that we are surviving a very tough season.  If we want to take it to a higher level, it actually feels like we are losing the battle at times. Some of the predicaments we face in our lives are in fact, because of our own doing, but we must search for a deeper revelation. There must be more to this! Whether you strive daily to live the Christian life, you repent within seconds of sinning, pray for hours a day, read your Bible or in public sin; you will always have your own battles. It was established that way from the beginning in the Garden of Eden, as part of the consequences for our sinful nature.

“I will make you and the woman enemies to each other. Your descendants and her descendants will be enemies. One of her descendants will crush your head, and you will bite his heel.” Genesis 3:15

“The enemy will bite our heel.” The word, bite, here means: “To strike. To oppress”. Have you ever felt any discomfort in your heels? I have, and the first thing I notice is that it always affects the way I walk. Satan is always in the business of showing the world that our Christian walk is not sincere; that we are all a bunch of hypocrites.   But I want you to rest on this biblical truth: you may be limping today; you may be feeling a great deal of oppression, but know that it will all go away one day and that it just comes with the territory. I know that this does not match the Prosperity message that we all commonly hear on TV, but God will work it out. For the enemy, on the other hand, he has no hope. The word, crush, means: “to pulverize; to press together; to crack in pieces; to smash; to burst.” Your wounds are temporary; the Enemy can’t say the same thing by the definition of what is awaiting him.

You and I may be limping today. We may be walking with an uneven, funny step as the Enemy finds pleasure in striking our heels. The world may laugh at us. Our brothers and sisters may judge us at times; don’t be ashamed; our glory is not that we were not wounded in battle, but that by the power of God we are still standing today. Our scars are scars of honor like survivals of a great war. We are soldiers with military uniforms, standing in attention, in love and reverence to our God, even if we are standing with the help of a cane.

One response to “Scars of Honor”

  1. As it has been wisely recognized, “God never wastes a hurt” especially since many of life’s greatest lessons are learned in suffering! So you are wise my friend not to limit your investigations into the goodness of God to those tangible blessings which have enriched your life’s journey. For there are times when even “scars of honor” can produced in your life a peace which you, otherwise, would’ve never come to appreciate and enjoy!

    Through whatever testing the Almighty may yet allow you to undergo and endure, just remember the words of an old hymn by Georg Neumark: “God never yet forsook at need the soul that trusted Him indeed.” By maintaining confidence in His unfailing goodness toward you, consistently be grateful for all God sends to help shape you into the person He desires you to become!


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