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An Early Walk in Jacksonville Beach

I went to the beach this morning; I needed to hear from God! It was so early that it was still dark. The sound of the sea; I could not see; walking and hoping that there were no holes in the sand; I must admit it was a little scary! Just like some of the challenges we face! But I knew that the sun was coming out; that it was a matter of time. And then; little by little, even as I was not able to see the sun, I started seeing light… just like faith I heard the Lord say: “We can’t see God, but He is there every step of the way.” I have many problems; challenges that I can’t resolve and a pain that does not go away, but the Light is coming for sure, the Light is coming… The Sun finally came out; it was so beautiful. The sound of the sea was not scary anymore; I was now able to see. I don’t know how, but somehow, everything is already well. I am healthy, I am alive, I am blessed, my hope still dances in my heart, and I am ready for another day.

4 responses to “An Early Walk in Jacksonville Beach”

  1. This was indeed a beautiful experience!


  2. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness, even when we complain to You!


  3. Can I tell you my Bro. that you are a precious! a men of GOD and so you experiences are precious! You are a Lieutenent in the army of the LORD. You are a man of battle (maybe that’s why you are almost always in the trenches), choosen to lead an army against the hipocracy and all the foolishness that is being trying to consume us from within. Call more than anything else to be real and to be for real as an example to all of us. You are a blessing to me Beloved. And so when GOD speak to you He does to me, when touch you He touches me and when He embraces you I can feel the impact here where I am. You are family my Bro. or perhaps more than family, you are my friend. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I love to hear from you always.
    Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness! I know first hand how GREAT it is!


  4. Can we ever give thanks enough to our Lord and the One who is indeed our Savior for sharing His goodness with us?


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