When the Accusations Against Us Are True!

Much has been said about brothers and sisters that were victims of false accusations. Many accept it as a sign that they are right in the center of God’s will and use it as evidence that they are doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. However, today I want to be very honest with you; there are times when the accusations raised against us are indeed, true. I am not talking about “mistakes.” I am talking about sins that we are committing even now in the mix of all our Biblical knowledge. This article is a cry of urgency for honestly and transparency in the Body of Christ!

In dealing with the accusations against us that are true, let’s first deal with one important question that is many times ignored or answered in a hypocritical way. Why do we sin? Now, here is when we get so religious that we personally kill any hope of over-coming whatever we are struggling with; we make excuses! There is only one reason why we continue to sin in the same areas over and over and that is…you ready?… because we like it! It is not because someone did something to us or because we were taught this or that. We sin because we like it and that is why we keep doing it.

“Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am tempted by God;” for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone.
But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.
Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.” (James 1:13-15)The religious, judgmental and legalistic spirits will leave us right here in total hopelessness: “This is your fault, give it up, you will forever be remembered for that adultery, for that time your stole, for that aggression, for that sexual assault, for that ugly divorce, for your years as a junky addicted to drugs and alcohol, for the many times you quit, for the many people you let down, for your bad record as a father, for the time you spent in prison, etc.” The accusations are endless! These are the echoes from the voice of the accuser of the bride. Make no mistake about it; the devil is a good persecutor; he has many accusations against us that are true and we, deep inside, know it.

So we spend a great deal of time in our lives covering that sin with the blanket of darkness, in the form of secrecy, so no one will know who we really are when the flesh rules and when we are outside of the presence of witnesses in our secret places. It is sad to say, but we have indeed created an environment in our religious movements that dares to welcome any serious confession of sin. The Oscars should not be won by our Hollywood’s idols, but perhaps by our brothers and sisters we see every Sunday as we do our Sunday rituals. There is no wonder, the greatest accusation against us, in the body of Christ, is that we are a bunch of hypocrites!

We all know that the devil operates in darkness; what we many times fail to understand is what that means. My friends, as long as we keep sin to ourselves; as long as we keep it a secret, we will never be able to overcome anything; we are in the devil’s territory; we are literally in the dark. (I John 1:5-10)

When the accusations against us are true, most will look at who is accusing us, point out our own accusations against them, justify our sin and make excuses. We can continue the path of Adam and Eve and play the blame game for the rest of our lives on our way to hell. However, there is a process that the Lord has given us that will bring us out of this bondage:

Acknowledge your sin without looking at your accusers. Yes, it is true; I have issues; I have sin in my life that my flesh truly enjoys, even as my spiritual man despises such behavior. Yes, I feel bad at times, but I look forward to be in front of my computer when no one is watching and enjoy the satisfaction of pornography and masturbation. Yes, I am in an adulterous relationship; yes, I like to talk about others behind their back and take all of their credibility away; yes I like to go off on people and show my anger; it is the way I get my way; I love the control and power that having people scare of me gives me. Yes, yes, yes…I have sin in my life. I am bound by the shameful desires of my flesh. Don’t argue with truth!

Confess your sin. How do you properly confess your sin? If it is something that only involves you in the secret place, go to spiritual people with spiritual authority over you and confess your sins to them. If you are married, go to your wife or husband first; then go to an Elder in the church, your pastor and close friend. This is hard to do because again, many churches are not “confessing sin friendly;” they are more into keeping the mask, avoiding confrontation and the “let’s just keep things quiet so that we don’t lose members” dilemma.  If the sin involves others, you must go to them and ask them for forgiveness. If the sin is a public thing, then you must go in front of the congregation and confess your sins to them if they allow it; either way, your confession should be open. It is better for us to lose our ministry and good reputation yet make it to glory, than it is for us trying to keep up our masks yet end-up in hell as we take many disciples with us.

Take the consequences. Forgiveness of sin does not equal zero consequences. Sin has severe consequences; take them; take responsibility!

Learn to embrace the grace of God. No matter what sin you have committed; no matter how severe the consequences may be for you and me, we must understand the power of God’s grace and the fact that it is that grace; that “undeserved favor” manifested in the form of unconditional love and mercy, which holds back the eternal punishment that we truly deserve. The mercy of God flows out the grace of God. Mercy is the manifested grace of God that will place you on the other side of a fence of hope where your restoration begins.

On the other side of this fence of hope, my brothers and sisters; let the accusers accuse; let the judges judge, and let the talkers talk. Allow God’s grace to do the work in you from the inside, out. Don’t be ashamed any more; don’t hide from the One that loves you the most. Throw away the fig leaves we try to use to cover the nakedness and the truth of our accusations. May we drink out of the wells of God’s salvation; may the conviction that caused the prodigal son to return back home over-take our hearts, may we find the warmth of peace under our Father’s wings and may His arms of love hold us away from sin.

5 thoughts on “When the Accusations Against Us Are True!

  1. Refusing to accept responsibility for our moral failures keeps us from the change in character that God has provided for us through repentance. Only facing ourselves and confronting those things that are unclean in God’s eyes will allow Him to uproot all that causes us the guilt, pain and sorrow and keeps us from being free in Him. There is such a freedom and comfort with ourselves that comes from being rid of things that hinder us from walking “in a manner worthy of the Lord” (Col 1:10). There are so many changes God wants to make in His body at this time in which we are living, to make us people who will prepare the way of the Lord for His coming.


  2. Wow this is a great article! The key to freedom is Jesus Christ. And to walk in freedom, we must confess our sins.


  3. There’s a certain sense in which we spend all of our lives thinking we’ve reached the bottom of our hearts and finding it is a false bottom. Mature Christians are not people who have completely hit the bedrock. I do not believe that is possible in this life. Rather, they are people who know how to keep drilling and who are getting closer and closer. The great pastor and hymn-writer John Newton once wrote about this struggle: “If I may speak my own experience, I find that to keep my eye simply on Christ, as my peace and my life, is by far the hardest part of my calling … It seems easier to deny self in a thousand instances of outward conduct, than in its ceaseless endeavors to act as a principle of righteousness and power.” The man or woman who knows the difference that Newton refers to—the difference between obeying rules of outward conduct rather than setting the heart on Christ as your peace and life—is on the road to freedom from the strongholds that control us.


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