Entertainers or Life-Changing Vessels

“A Word for Christian Singers and Musicians”

            The best entertainers in the world are not in the church; sorry guys! Those who are known as the top entertainers are experts in what they do. The job of an entertainer is to engage people or audiences by providing amusing or interesting material.  How can your emotions not be moved as you watch Aretha Franklin hitting those powerful notes? Do you remember Carlos Santana at his best? Do you remember the great Blues and Jazz singers? What about James Brown and his electrifying performances? What about Elvis at his prime? Come on, don’t try to deny it; some of you still listen to that music when the church folk are not watching!       

            However, the reality is that as much as we may like and respect these performers, not one of them had or has the power to change our lives; they are able to give us nothing more than emotional experience. God, on the other hand, is in the business of rescuing lost souls; God is in the business of changing us day by day. That can’t be done with simple performances by God’s people; this life changing experience can only be achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to consume us with His fire and presence as we minister under His anointing.

            If you want to be a better performer, you are required to engage in countless hours of rehearsal. If you had the opportunity to watch the movie, “This is it,” that gave us the images of Michael Jackson’s preparation for His last series of concerts. You get a good idea of the dedication and attention to detail that these great performers go through. They do what it takes to present the best product possible. I am all about Christian musicians also presenting the best product possible. I believe that the best music ought to come out of the Body of Christ. However, our responsibility goes beyond “A Saving the Trees” cause. For us, we must pay the price in worship to our God in the secret place, a life of prayer and a sense of protecting our personal testimony for the sake of others as we carry our own crosses daily.  Our only cause is the spreading of Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not use the stages of the world to amuse anybody; we use whatever stage God allows us to be in to lift HIM up and to prepare an atmosphere where the soul of man can’t easily resist the love of God.

            Dear Worship Leader or Christian Singer, if your song points at you; if is all about the way you sing, the way you move, the way you act as you sing, your clothing, your style, etc. you are putting up a show. There is no life-changing power coming out of you other than a minuscule version of entertainment. Everything we do MUST point at Jesus who has the power to heal, to restore, to transform and to make people free! We are supposed to be life-changing vessels of the Living God, not entertainers.

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