Is God Republican or Democrat?

I must first admit that I am not an expert in politics however; I do enjoy the subject and have studied this topic. I understand enough to know that politics affect our lives; therefore I like to pay attention to what is going on in this area. I also see that we have a great need to stop viewing politics as a generational and racial thing: “My dad is republican so I must be Republican.” “I am a minority so I must follow Obama.”


I must first admit that I am not an expert in politics however; I do enjoy the subject and have studied this topic. I understand enough to know that politics affect our lives; therefore I like to pay attention to what is going on in this area. I also see that we have a great need to stop viewing politics as a generational and racial thing: “My dad is republican so I must be Republican.” “I am a minority so I must follow Obama.”

            American Politics 101 tells us that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are different in their perspectives of how the government should carry out their duties. History has also told us that throughout the years these ideologies have changed. There are basically two ideals: A liberal view and a conservative view. Some are further right and some are further left.

            The liberal view has the tendency to move away from the absolutes of God; places great focus on Government Programs as the savior for the people and demand high taxes to pay for these programs. Liberals are, for the most part, okay with the practice of abortion. They see it as a right for the woman to do so. Liberals are also, for the most part, okay with same sex marriage. Radical Liberals have little respect for what the Bible has to say about things; they have also little respect for the constitution. Everything that represents an absolute, they will question. So is God a Democrat? I don’t think so!

            So then, God must be a Republican? I don’t think so either; because the Republican Party today has lost its identity. They seem to be scared of the liberal media so, they go back and forth; it is almost like they are ashamed of showing a conservative view. Their colors are currently pastel. The bold colors that President Reagan spoke about are currently out the window in the Republican Party. They have no identity, so they can’t be identified with God’s Character.

            So then, God must be Conservative like the top conservative radio personalities in the US: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Michael Savage. Politically speaking, they are appealing to many people. They believe in small government, lower taxes, strong defense and they seem to have a passion and love for this country that I do not sense in the Democratic Party. However, if you listen to these guys like I have, ask yourselves these questions: Do these guys represent the character of our God in their messages? Do they promote praying for our leaders? Do they promote loving our enemies? Other than talking, what else are they doing to help our nation get closer to God? One of these Radio personality praises a friend of his for walking up every day at 4:00 AM to go to work, returning back home to his family at 9:00 PM Monday through Friday and also working Saturday and Sunday. The man provided all that his family needed; but did he really? It seems like they worship capitalism!  Is that what God tells us to do? What about raising our children, what about spending quality time with the family. Is it all about money?  The conservative movement operates from a legalistic view of God and there seems to be very little grace. So is God conservative? I am going to let you be the judge of that; now you can engage in your discussion as I am eager to read what you have to say.


8 comments on “Is God Republican or Democrat?”

  1. Many of my friends would swear that Jesus is a Republican. In fact, during the Reagan Administration Republicans declared that they were the party of God. Others claim he’s a Democrat. Since I am embarrassed (and/or encouraged) by something on nearly every platform, I’m not so sure. I try to vote Jesus (not my money-belt) on every issue, but I don’t give a fig whether you vote Republican or Democrat. I do care, however, how we conduct our lives. The Church can no more solve the world’s problems than the U.S. government, UNLESS we change our way of thinking, and living, and spending.

    Remember the famous quote from John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?” I would like to change it for the Church — “Ask not what God and the Church can do for you, but rather what you can be for God and the others who are lost.” We are accountable for how we live our lives before God. We are responsible for “walking the talk.” Balance between personal and social is crucial. Need I remind you that the opposite of personal is not social, but impersonal, and the opposite of social is not personal, but antisocial?

    On the issue of poverty, for example, how can we teach our people to enter into the struggle with integrity without also calling them to cease their endless pursuit of wealth? How can we build our economy on gas guzzling automobiles and expect the rest of the world to understand our occasional handouts as affecting any kind of significant change? It is fairly obvious to me that if we were not willing to speak against excessive wealth, we had no platform to meet the poor as sisters and brothers, even in our own country.

    Then, what of the deeper call to live compassionately? Until we are willing to suffer with people (the true meaning of compassion) we, by default, will decide to break fellowship with those who have no ability to sustain themselves above the poverty level? How do we celebrate and remain thankful to God when the struggles persist among the poor of the world? Shouldn’t it bother us that in some instances rock stars, like Bono, have more political clout (and are having more success in addressing the needs of the poor in the world) than the Church? Forgive me for saying it but it seems to me that many of my Evangelical friends appear paralyzed. We simply want the problem to go away.

    So, how does a government become compassionate? We write to our representatives and ask them, “Please, stop doing the self-serving kinds of things that have a way of surfacing in the ads of your political opponents during the next election campaign.” We talk about the needs of the oppressed and the poor in such a way that it is obvious that there are people out there with votes who care about such issues. Our job is to focus on sowing and growing. At harvest time, God will sort out the wheat and the weeds. So let’s stop demonizing brother and sisters who have a different point of view.


    1. Compassion! That’s it my Bro. Compassion is a feeling, a sentiment. We must be compassionate about everyone. Matthew 9:36; 14:14 Compassion.. To have the bowels yearn, to have sympathy, pity… to be moved with compassion for someone. Perhaps the ONLY WAY anybody, specially a politician will be able to help anyone period. You see the world continues to believe that the bottom line is to have the rigth idea, and so in politics is not about the true necesity of the people but about what they think is best to provide, not according (in most cases) to their own personal convictions in GOD or their own understanding of scripture (hoping there is some sound doctrine involve) but according to their own political wisdom and savy. Remenber the true definition of service. Here’s my two cents on this matter, POLITICS: POLY-MANY; TICS-BLOOD SUCKING CREATURES. I know Dennis, just don’t jump out of your chair yet. My problem is with the system, one that is corupted. It all started when the people of Israel ask GOD, during the days of Samuel for a king… for they wanted to be like the other nations. This leaders of today are not Washingtons, or Adams, or Jeffersons, nor they are Lincolns, men who thru themselvels down on their faces in middle of the Oval office to seek the face of GOD, men who were active in their own churches, men who believed in the authenticity of scriptures, men who tried to walk in the rightousness of GOD and who believe in the TEN COMMANDMENTS as a Holy foundation for life. So I say lets us all pray for our President Obama, that he will look up to the heavens and ask GOD for guidence and wisdom before he ever consider looking to his side. For there is only one wisdom that is worth having, that is life changing and that produces good results; the one that comes from above, which is CHRIST himself… for Christ is our wisdom. Actually lets us pray that our president recieve two things, first… passion for Jesus so that he can imitate him in everything, and second and more importantly the passion that is in Jesus for all people so that he will truly care about the people swear to serve and protect. For the second one is the true passion that is in HIM and the one that creates in us that owesome compassion for others that is lacking in our lives. And then he will have the other element, the one that will transform our community and touch the hearts of our neighbors… MERCY. For compassion is a sentiment but mercy is an action. We can’t give what we don’t have. Lets us also pray constantly for His safety and the safety of his wife and daugthers and for good health.
      Is GOD a republican, or a democrat, or else? no, the answer: none of the above.
      GOD is not with any of them, but HE is certaintly right above all of them!!!


  2. Don’t worry, my brother. I am too sick this morning to “jump out of my chair.” I just think that we should stop using politics to demonize people. While your definition of “politics” is certainly creative, I prefer to think of politics as “a process by which groups of people make collective decisions.” And while I agree with you that God is neither a Republican or a Democrat. I would argue that Jesus is political, just not yet. His political realm will not be realized until his return. Many of us should tremble at the thought. He came the first time as a servant. The next time plan on seeing him in power where justice will “roll on like a river” and “righteousness like a never-failing stream” (Amos 5:24). In the meantime, does the Bible address political issues? You bet. We’ve mentioned the poor but now include widows and children. Not moving your boundary markers and not gleaning the corners of your fields were all political issues. Taxes, weights and measures, even private ownership are all discussed at great length.

    Evangelical Christians, by and large, believe that you cannot legislate morality. That should be left to the Church. Oh? Were civil rights not moral issues? Leave that to the Church and we are still a segregated nation. OK, what about the other side of the coin. Is abortion a moral issue? There are lots of people that wish the Church would leave that one alone. We evangelicals have turned abortion into a litmus test for politicians nationwide. Don’t get me wrong, I’m against abortion on demand as if the life of the fetus did not really matter, but some knee jerk reactions take away the rights of the mother altogether.

    OK, here’s a real challenge for faith. What about war? What would Jesus do on that one? If you are looking for a problem text, quote one verse and run immediately out of steam, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matt. 10:34). You’ve seen the context for this already. “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me…. Who ever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matt. 10:37-39). To my knowledge, never in the history of the Church has anyone ever interpreted that as if Jesus was making a case for war. Rather, Jesus says if you follow me the sword will come to you in all kinds of persecutions. The roads to Rome were lined with thousands of Christian crosses. On the eve of the crucifixion, within the shadow of his own cross, Jesus gathers his disciples in an upper room to give them final instructions. Those instructions conclude with these words, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). Not only has Jesus overcome the world, he expects us to overcome the world, not by bombs and bullets, but by loving our enemies and doing good to those who hate us and mistreat us (Luke 6:27f.). But can we turn our backs on those who are oppressed?

    Certainly not! That is why I believe more of us must find ways to joyfully working in God’s harvest rather than angrily wasting time, talent, and treasure drowning tea, our task as the Church is to extend the ministry of Jesus. In his farewell discourse Jesus tells us,

    Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it (John 14:12-14).

    So Christians live within a strong tension. God has ordained worldly systems, and that we must work within those systems as best we can. At the same time, however, we affirm that God’s kingdom has penetrated the world here and now. Thus, under God’s providence, we tread a path that can seem crooked and unclear, trying to honor what is divinely ordained in culture (such as family bonds, the rule of law, and deference to legitimate authority) while also living out the distinct values of the kingdom of God as best they can without compromise.

    Furthermore, sin mars all of our efforts, evil twists them, and God works in mysterious ways behind the scenes. Thus Christians in this mode are never free of suspicion yet never lacking hope: suspicion that apparently good things are compromised by sin in this not-yet-messianic dispensation, and hope that God nonetheless is working out his good pleasure through all of the means—worldly and churchly—that he has been pleased to ordain and sustain. In this in-between time, even openly evil governments may yet be instituted by God (Rom. 13:1-5); we are told to pay our taxes, though we know full well that the money will be used at least in part for ungodly purposes (Rom. 13:6-7).

    It is this view of trying to cooperate with all that God is doing in the world, of bringing shalom everywhere we can while recognizing that we will rarely succeed in making only peace until Jesus returns, that we perhaps should consider more fully today.

    We generally eschews paradox. We prefer the clarity of binary opposition, and there are many such pairs in the Bible: light versus darkness, good versus evil, the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of Satan, the church versus the world, the flesh versus the Spirit. Yet we are Bible people, and we must listen also to Scriptures that speak of the kingdom itself as a “mixed field” (Matt. 13:24-30), full of wheat and tares, and of the Christian life as being in the world but not of it.

    Yes, we must strive for holiness. Yes, we must affirm what is genuinely good in any culture. Yes, we must rejoice in opportunities to build on good things God has already bequeathed to our society. And yes, we must seize every opportunity to improve, transform, and even convert this or that part of the world to the glory of God.

    Yet we must also recognize that God has called us to lives of difficult paradox, of painful negotiation between conflicting and competitive values, of seeking to cooperate with God wherever he is at work. Such a position, full of ambiguity and irony, is also full of faith and hope: “in all these things we are more than conquerors” (Rom. 8:37). This is a faith that God can be trusted and honored even when the way is dark and confusing, and a hope that God works all things together for good. So let us pray for our president and then act.

    In Jesus’ name, we take authority over spiritual strongholds that are operating in Washington and the political arena. As American citizens, we confess with Ezra over the sinful condition of our nation: “O my God, I am too ashamed and disgraced to lift up my face to you, my God, because our sins are higher than our heads and our guilt has reached to the heavens.” And together we invite your powerful Presence to inhabit our land, starting with our seat of government. We cover President Obama’s head with the power of the cross so that he will be able to resist evil influences and temptations.

    Our nation is facing problems—problems so big they are hard to define. But nothing is too difficult for you. Please help Barack Obama be an instrument in solving economic crises, foreign conflicts and social injustices. Lead his cabinet and staff to implement godly solutions. Open doors and orchestrate opportunities through which our President can display your redemptive power, favor and righteousness.

    Lord Jesus, thank you that you are seated at the right hand of God, far above all rule and authority, and that all authority that exists has been established by you. Therefore we submit to the office of President and pledge to honor and pray for Barack Obama as the one chosen to lead. Consecrate him and set him apart. Cultivate in him a genuine testimony of faith in you so that he might use his position to exalt you and influence other men and women of influence. Lead him to enact policies not for political posturing but for lasting fruit that will bring glory to you. Amen.


  3. Beloved, I do respect your view of politics and your feelings about it. I myself have experienced and wittnessed the worst of politics and the amazing ability of the political system to be evil and to do evil. I recognize that I sadly carry within me a negative concept of politics and of a politician. In that I am truly sorry. Not that I sincerely believe that every individual politician is bad or perhaps corrupt, but once again I do believe that the system is not one we can trust and they themselves are responsible for the skepticism and the lack of hope that is in so many of us.
    Yes, Christ will rule the world in His second coming, as you mention, in a political way. Then again I don’t believe that there is any way or form in which we can (even in the most minimal way) compare the politics of GOD to the actual practical politics of mankind in this planet.
    Finnally, I do believe that we most get in the midst of it all. Standing strong in our believes, and our values and principles that are so much part of our faith in JESUS CHRIST. After all we are and will continue to be the Body of Christ, responsible not only for bringing to the world the message of the cross “a message of hope, forgiveness and reconcilliation but more than that we are responsible for being the hope. Forget about speaking about it, lets us be the instruments of hope that we have been called to be. For at the end this is our biggest issue and failure; that we have been so very good at bringing people to GOD and so very bad at bringing GOD to people. For the message of the cross is not get save and go to heaven; but as JESUS said: THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND, AND IS HERE!


  4. hey angel, great food for thought…i think i would have to say that God is Independent. He sent His Son who came to earth and didn’t follow any set pattern; in fact, He set His own pattern and said “follow Me.” He had liberal views in that we should reach out and tangibly care for those we see in need, but conservatively states in Proverbs that “a lazy man shall NOT eat.” Jesus challenges us to be thinkers and certainly not man pleasers. Liberals tend to be “man pleasers” in order to get the majority vote…they never want to point out that murder through abortion is WRONG as it is still murder…they never want to point a finger stating that a parent is being too selfish by chasing their own self-centered desires running the roads instead of staying home and raising their children to be responsible contributing members of society as they age instead of placing the blame on ADHD…ADHD is really an acronym for “Absence of Discipline Heeds Destruction.” Jesus would scold the conservative so centered on “providing materially” for his family instead of providing quality time and devotion to his family and would remind him that God is the provider of ALL we have or own and that it can all be taken in an instant…man has no control over his wealth or health. I could go on and on with this subject but am limited by time myself Angel. Great topic of debate though…thanks for challenging our thoughts to channel back towards Christ-centered…that is what it is truly all about!!! Love ya Angel!


    1. Jody you took the ball out of the park my sister! I am placing your comment as an article and I will put it everywhere. No one has ever given me such deep, practical and simple insight as it refers to God and USA politics. Thank you!


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