Love Doesn’t Fight Mosques

This is the most Christ-like statement I have heard on the Ground Zero Mosque so far; by my good friend Dennis Owen:

I still think we should focus our energies on sharing the grace and love and mercy of Jesus, not fighting the construction of buildings and worship centers of other faiths. Hate and revenge are not Christian values. Fear and intolerance are not fruits of the Spirit. Instead, Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, and to even love our enemies. Love doesn’t fight mosques. The love of Jesus demands that we love Muslims. Period. For in the end, love wins.

2 responses to “Love Doesn’t Fight Mosques”

  1. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    Muslims will respond to God’s love in Jesus Christ only when we see them as our neighbors and love them as such.


  2. angelcasiano Avatar

    I must admit that I was indecisive in which way to go on this topic. My flesh did not take this whole Mosque business too well, but the question always goes back to: What would Jesus do? I don’t think that Jesus would be too impress or concern about this mosque.


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