My Beginning at the End of the Road

Let me talk to you today about a place where your abilities are justifiably a reason for mockery; where the waters are not found in the rivers; where the coasts of the earth dry out; where the oceans return to the heavens. It’s a place where the singer lost his old songs that once lifted his soul; a place where arguments seems forever rising against you; a place where your bad decisions catch up with you and shame forcefully take possession of your mind. This place is where God seems so distant; the place where the insults of your sin oppress your conscience. A place where you find yourself trapped in the center of a maze. Your friends are gone! They shake their heads when your name is mentioned in their conversations away from you.

            Who will lift up your head? Who will make a new road of dreams and purpose for you? Who will shut the mouth of your enemies? Who will restore your soul and fill you with the gladness you once had? Who will pick you up from your misery? Who will erase your tears? Only One, the Lover of my soul, my Mighty Warrior, my Defender, the One that loves me countless times more than my own mother.  

            You quickly realize that there’s nowhere else to go. The world gladly announces your end, “You are finished!” they joyfully shout. Yet, as you grasp for air in your desperation; as your faith is almost gone and you find not much to hold on to, your soul cries “I am sorry Lord! Help me!” Suddenly, the thunder of His love for you shakes the foundation of all reasoning. Can you see Him running now? Yes, it is the Lord! He is coming to rescue me like a skillful soldier in the middle of the night! Can you hear the sweet sound of His mercies? The enemy trembles at the fragrance of your grace and the aroma of your salvation.

            In my brokenness You are whole and in my weakness You are strong. From the presence of the Most High God I stand and lift up my hands to Him who is worthy. Then you pick me up like a daddy picks up his child after a long walk and you hold me like a mother in the long nights. You hide me under the tender shadow of your wings. I am going to make it; I know I will, for it is my beginning at the end of the road.



  1. Vision: The Lord standing in heaven, arms outstretched. Come to Me. Come to Me. All who are weary. Come to me in the heights of My majesty. Come up here with Me. Come above the word and the world’s way and I will teach you My ways. Come up above and see as I see. Your perspective will be changed. You will see all things from my perspective. Do not be afraid of the quiet. Do not be afraid to sit. It is in the quiet that I will speak. It is I. The Lord of all. It is I and My arms are outstretched to gather you to Myself. I want to be with all of you. I want every one of you to be with Me so that I can show you from My place. Let go. You have to let go and trust Me. S-T-R-E-T-C-H yourselves and trust Me.


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