12 Signs of a Controlling Church Pastor By Presbyter José Bosque

What I am about to write I pray is birthed in my love for His Church. I pray that it is motivated by the holy zeal that rises up in me when I see church leaders abusing those whom God has called. I pray that it is said clearly but with love for what is not birthed in love is sin.

As I survey the Present Day Christian Landscape everywhere you look there are wounded warriors. Sick and Evil people are everywhere too, but none can have such a profound effect on an up and coming Christian Leader, as the man whom he has placed his faith and trust in, his pastor.


Article by my Pastor José Bosque


2 comments on “12 Signs of a Controlling Church Pastor By Presbyter José Bosque”

  1. I go back to one of my favor people in the Bible; The Samaritan Woman. This woman had a real encounter with Jesus and even as she did not have much of nothing; terrible reputation, no seminary, no titles and no degrees, people follow her. She guided them to Jesus; they were hungry for Jesus and ask Him to stay a little longer. Where are we guiding people? To us? It is going to be a rude awakening! He did stay a couple of days and the people themselves stated that they now believe because of what they have heard directly from Jesus, more than what they heard from the Samaritan Woman. Did you see the Samaritan woman complaining anywhere? No! I believe with all of my heart in apostolic leadership and church government, but the best thing we can do is to teach people to talk to Daddy and to listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say; He is the true Teacher. But are we too afraid of what they will hear? The problem with these pastors is that they have so many credentials that they keep pointing at themselves. May God have mercy on their souls! We must pray for them; that is one of our great responsibilities! Some do not know any other way, but in Jesus name they will! The Samaritan woman pointed at Jesus! I love to listen to a good Word, but nothing, nothing… absolutely nothing like the sound of His voice even if He rebukes me. You want to be a good leader? Start by reading this article, repent, find God in your secret place, open yourself up for real relationships with Godly men, make yourself accountable, let your word be established with two or three witnesses and star pointing at Jesus. I guaranty you… This formula will never fail.


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