By: Andrew Strom.
> As many of you know, a major 7.1 Richter earthquake struck the
> in the early hours of Saturday
> morning. We had only been in the country for a few days, but we
> were quite a distance away. Amazingly, nobody was killed – which
> is seen as a complete miracle. Earthquakes this size have been
> known to kill hundreds of thousands of people. So we are very
> thankful to God. Of course, a lot of buildings are quite seriously
> damaged. And a lot of people are pretty traumatized. (My heart
> truly goes out to them, because I have ministered to disaster
> victims before). But at least nobody is dead!
> I don’t know about you, but I cannot help but see God speaking
> to the church in the loudest possible terms through this earthquake.
> The fact that it happened to the only major city called “Christchurch”
> in the Western world. The fact that it has been prophesied for years
> that the church will be greatly “shaken”. The fact that a whole lot
> of older “structures” were wrecked or brought down – but the people
> themselves survived intact.
> And I also see that God is speaking to us personally through this
> disaster. As you know, the “Shaking” of the church is something
> we have been speaking about for years. In fact, the last article that
> I wrote before being turned away from the US border two weeks ago
> was “THE SHAKING is GROWING.” It seems to me (and I cannot
> see it any other way) that God spun us around and forced us back
> to New Zealand so we would be here in time for this disaster. We
> were meant to be here when this “great shaking” came to Christ-
> church. It simply does not seem credible to me that this can be
> a co-incidence.
> Not only that, but Christchurch is the most “prophesied-over”
> city in New Zealand. Going back decades there are prophecies
> (some of which we published years ago) that speak about Revival
> and Reformation coming to that city – or spreading out from there.
> Of course, these “Christchurch – Shaking” links have been noticed
> by many around the world. Sometimes people take things to be a
> “sign” that can be a little dubious. But you can hardly say that
> about this one! To me, this has “Sign From God” written in neon
> lights all over it!
> On our Facebook page, several commented on this. Mary LaRue
> wrote: “I believe this physical earthquake is an outward showing of
> what God is about to do spiritually in the House (His Body). A great
> shaking is coming. It is no accident that the place it hit was
> Christchurch!” And Maree Crawford wrote: “The earthquake struck
> when most were asleep and unaware in Christchurch… Next a
> spiritual earthquake in Christ’s Church which will catch many that
> are asleep, and unaware. I reread the prophecy this afternoon from
> February about ‘Earthquake in the Church’ (Phil Buck). I agree…”
> This event has already changed our own plans. It is certainly not
> something we can ignore. We had begun to receive invitations to
> minister in Australia, but I am going to have to put those back
> while we see what God would have us do here in New Zealand.
> It seems likely that God may want us to do something like what
> we did after Hurricane Katrina (bringing teams down, etc). Obviously
> if we head for Christchurch we are going to have to be very sensitive
> to the trauma that these people have gone through. But the great
> thing is that everyone recognizes what a miracle it is that nobody
> was killed. I believe my Katrina experience may stand me in good
> stead again here. What an opportunity for the Christians to show
> forth the love of Jesus to a lost and dying world.
> Please pray for us, my friends, as God’s specific plans start to
> fall into place.
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> God bless you all!
> Andrew Strom.
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