You Are My Abba!

Thank you God, for you are greater than everything I can and anything I can’t imagine. You are higher than the mountains of my impossibilities. The valley of my depression is no match to the joy of your salvation. Thank you God, because when I am broken, you put me back together with your loving hands with a vision for my future. Thank you God, because in the cold and terrorizing nights of the desert you hide me under the shadow of your wings. Thank you God, because when the desperation from the heat of my tribulations consumed my will to continue, you pick me up and carry me through the seductive sands of giving-up. Thank you God, that your Living Word is greater than the words of death from my enemies. Thank you, because in my shame you sound the trumpet of your compassion. Thank you God, that your provision is sufficient to cover all of my needs. Thank you, for the conviction of your Spirit is greater than my pride. Thank you because your mercies rise above all of my sins. Thank you God for giving me access to the grace that gives me what I will never be able to pay for. Thank you for maturing me with the love of your truth. Thank you because in the ignorant and defiant danger of my rebelliousness you are quick to give me the brutality of your rescuing discipline. Thank you because whether the journey is smooth; full of rocks, thorns or great obstacles and walls of discouragement, you are always by my side as my lamp when the confusion of darkness overtakes me. You are as the refreshing cloud of hope that blocks the blazing rays of hopelessness.   Thank you, for I am not alone and I will never be alone; you are my Great I Am, you are my Friend and you are my Abba.

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