The God that I Serve

There are 214 references in the King James Bible to mountain and mountains; 142 references to hill and hills; 168 references to valley and valleys; 48 references to desert and deserts and 377 references to death and deaths. It is then appropriate for me to say the following:

            Blessed be my God who can be found in the awesomeness of the mountains; in the center of those seasons where we find ourselves on top of the world. When the bills are paid, the mortgage is not due, money in the bank, family is doing fine, cars running smooth and favor in our jobs. Blessings, blessings and more blessings are pouring down from the north, from the south, from the east and from the west. We all like the mountains where we can be seen in the splendor of our prosperity.

            Blessed is my God who I can find in the secure land of the hills. The loveliness of the mountain’s little sisters    is a cause of envy among the terrain.  Blessed is my God who I can find in the beauty of the valleys. A place where the waters flow freely through the rivers that carry refreshing waters and a place where the view of the mountains that constantly remind us that we are not that far from the highest places.

            But can you trust Him in the desert? Is He able there? The desert is without glamour; without much natural provision; with no reason for boasting in our own abilities. Can God provide your water? Can He give you a morning Manna and meat every night for survival? Can He keep your cloths new and your shoes protecting each step in your tiredly journey? The place of humility, the place of paying attention to what the Master has to say; a place of not many distractions, worldly entertainments and a place where without God you will surely die in the sands of the rebellious. Can you trust Him in the desert? Is He able there? Can we push it a little further now? Can you trust Him when the smell of the death of your hopes is wrapped around the grave as a clothing of your failures? Can death stop the hand of the All Mighty God? Is it ever too late for Him?

            I have a news bulletin to give you today: “My God is the God of the Mountains. My God is the God of the Hills and the God of the Valleys. My God can be found in the desert to provide you with everything that you need and more and never count Him out to bring you out of death itself. God can resurrect you with the power of His love and bring you back for the sake of His mercy. He can give you the ability to stand like a mighty army in the mix of the impossibility and natural immobility of your death, for the sake of His grace. Blessed be my God!

A New Chapter has opened by the Power of the Holy Ghost

            I looked for a prophet that would declare life in a valley of dry bones and the prophet was never found. Like a wave braking at our coast; like the last smoke of a giant fire, like a sporadic breeze that refreshes our bodies was our version of love. What was, was not supposed to be; what is, is not really. Images of perfection, but nothing was found inside.  “Was not,” will never last; circumstances are just excuses to tell a story of the failure that was destined from the beginning. The curiosity was satisfied; the manipulations can’t go any further. Real is real and fake is fake.

            Real love never fails; imitations are never able to continue for long. It was all a great tunnel of deception with great hidden agendas. When reality showed up, the ending was inevitable. Compassion did not exist; selfishness ruled. The cruelty of a heart governed after its self can never achieve deeper relationships. Where there is no love, there is fear; where there is fear, there is no faith, where there is no faith, sin reigns; and where there is sin, God cannot bless.

            So much can be said; so many ways of telling the same story; so many perspectives and opinions; but at the end…what was, was not supposed to be; what is, is not really. Images of perfection, but nothing was found inside. The one that blames will continue to blame, the one that refuses to forgive will never forgive. The arrogant will always pride themselves in self-righteousness and the cower will always run in times of tribulation.

            I see the children restored; I see them better than us. The fight was too intense for the weak to bear; love was not enough to accept the humanity of the other and friendship; a pathetic request for a friendship that was never there! The excuses of an event are what it is…an excuse; destined for failure, can never be restored. What was, was not supposed to be; what is, is not really. Images of perfection, but nothing was found there. So much arrogance, so much worldly ways to facing life’s troubles; everything is seen through the glass of black-and-white; them-against-us, me against you and you-against-me. No personal responsibilities. Wise on the vanity of self-opinions and people that darkened the counsel of the God of all ages…What a dangerous place to be in! They view themselves as doves, but they are really vipers; snakes who seduce with their strange movements and crush the very lives and dreams out of your soul.

            But I rejoice, for my God, in His love for me, showed me who I am and brought to light the infections of my heart. I am now on the surgical table. Yes! God is changing me; generational curses are dropping like flies; just as the father of all flies knows that His time is short. I am out of my cave of shame and out of the cave of the blamed. I am Angel Casiano, a son of the Living God. You mess with my destiny, you mess with my God. Who is judging? Who are they? Do they qualify? Do they have anything to show for? Does the fornicator judge the adulterous? How can that be? Are they free from sin? A hint of sexual immorality is not allowed according to what God establishes; so who are they to condemn anybody forever? Have they ever heard about God’s mercies? Do they even know about Jesus grace? They are like the Pharisees of our time.

            My time is here; the turning I see…God will forever love me! Hope has arrived and is riding me out of this awful and costly mistake. Reality is set, the truth is now clear. After so many warnings, like the song of the fighter, “There’s no easy way out”. Today, in this new beginning, I find myself repenting for trying to make something out of something that should have never been. I am guilty for the decisions I have made; I am guilty for the things I have said; but I gave all to Him who forgave all of my sins. I now step into tomorrow; no time to look back. The lessons were real; the pains at times were unbearable; but God’s faithfulness was stronger than all. I am somebody in Jesus; my call is not far gone. Used and misused I feel at times but, who cares? I have some ways to go; my heart is not totally there, but a new chapter has opened by the power of the Holy Ghost!