The Character of God and American Politics by Jody Hines Royals

I think I would have to say that God is Independent. He sent His Son who came to earth and didn’t follow any set pattern; in fact, He set His own pattern and said “Follow me.” He had liberal views in that we should reach out and tangibly care for those we see in need, but conservatively states in Proverbs that “a lazy man shall NOT eat.” Jesus challenges us to be thinkers and certainly not man pleasers. Liberals tend to be “man pleasers” in order to get the majority vote…they never want to point out that murder through abortion is WRONG as it is still murder…they never want to point a finger stating that a parent is being too selfish by chasing their own self-centered desires running the roads instead of staying home and raising their children to be responsible contributing members of society as they age instead of placing the blame on ADHD…ADHD is really an acronym for “Absence of Discipline Heeds Destruction.” Jesus would scold the conservative so centered on “providing materially” for his family instead of providing quality time and devotion to his family and would remind him that God is the provider of ALL we have or own and that it can all be taken in an instant…man has no control over his wealth or health.

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