Loving God Above All Things

How is your personal relationship with the Lord? The answer to this question is the secret to the condition of our churches, our city, our nation and ourselves. It seems like we can’t get to the point of actually developing a relationship with God that goes beyond “Thank you God for this food that I am about to receive!” We are call to love God above all things; but, do we really?

            Some of us are very faithful in our church attendance. Some do a good job in keeping themselves busy in, what we like to call, “The things of God”. Some of us find ourselves approaching God like children approach Santa Claus during Christmas; it is all about what I can get. Coming before the Lord with a list of prayer requests is not enjoying intimacy with Him.

            What about those that love to read and study the Word? That is good, and a Christian “Must do”.  However, consider and judge for yourself what the Holy Spirit told me some years ago, as I struggle with my own personal quality time with God:

            “The soldier took the time every week to write to his wife. The couple was just recently married before he was deported to Iraq. After eighteen months, he could not wait to see his wife again; to embrace, to kiss, and to enjoy intimacy with her. The soldier was finally home and every time he approached his wife; she quickly stop him by saying: “Wait honey, I want to read the letter you send me back in January.” After a few minutes, the husband tried again and again, the wife was more interested in reading another one of his letters than in having intimacy with her husband. After a while, how do you think that soldier felt?”

            Our personal relationship with God can’t be substituted by church programs, ministries and/or activities. Our relationship with God can’t be delegated to our pastors, leaders, wives, husbands, the TV Evangelist and/or friends. Jesus gave his life, not only to save us, but to give us the amazing and indescribable opportunity to have a personal relationship with HIM. May the first commandment become a reality in your heart and mine.

Above the Mountains and the Seas; Faith is!

“Inspired out of Hebrews Eleven”

Faith gives us the assurance that what we hope for will become a reality. Faith is not limited by what our eyes can’t see.

Faith caused the ancients to be commended in the mix of their humanity.

By faith God spoke the words that form our universe; He spoke what was not and it became substance.

Faith makes our acts of worship more than a religious Sunday exercise; it goes beyond our natural lives.

Faith is what pleases our Father.

Faith looks straight at our hearts and causes us to believe that our God is real and that our reward is sure as we earnestly seek Him.

Faith is the premonition of things yet seen; causing you to go to unknown places.

Faith challenges the ages of men and causes them to be fruitful when science runs out of explanation and the logic can’t be explained.

Only faith causes seas to open, walls to fall, great kingdoms to be conquered by the least and the mouths of the lions to be shut.

Faith prevents the rage of the flames and the edge of the sword.

Faith turns the weak man into a terrifying army; calling out the dead and they come into existence once more.

Faith stood valiantly against the hateful torture of its enemies. Mockery could not bring it to a standstill.

Faith took the beating, the chains and the humiliation of the prison.

The stones of disgust could not touch its power. Even when faith is cut in a million pieces it will never lose its integrity.

Faith overpowers silently the denial of the comforts and the injustices of our days for the sake of an invisible promise.

Faith goes beyond our dimension of life; gives us an eternal prospective and is not bound by our present circumstances.

When the miracle doesn’t happen right away, faith is! When all that can be done, is done; faith is! Above tangible results, above success or failure, above the mountains and the seas…faith is!