Why Are We So Scared of Grace? Part 2


“Demolishing the Mockery against Grace”


             The law provided us with the unreachable righteousness of God and the consequences of not being able to follow what is unreachable to start with. Grace sounded the trumpet of undeserving favor expressed in the form of blessings and mercy that holds back the judgment that we deserve. Grace goes beyond the law as it fulfills the law. Through grace we are given an opportunity to be saved in the fullness and sincerity of inviting Jesus into our hearts for the forgiveness of our sins! According to the law we have no hope of salvation as we can’t fulfill the law on our own. So, can grace be abused? Can it really be an issue of concern to extend grace? Impossible! Galatians 6:7 states: “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.” Grace can be used as an excuse to sin just like we use God’s name to give us a sense of spirituality to justify many of our own doing. Using grace purposely as an excuse to do whatever we want is a clear indicator that we are voluntarily rejecting grace. It is an indicator that we have not allowed the love of God to penetrate our hearts and we are, like many others, rejecting the undeserved gift that God has for us.

            Grace is not risky; grace is the only way to change the human heart and you either receive it or you don’t. The inevitable risk and sure failure is for us not to embrace grace. Whenever your child, your student or any other person under your authority does “good or bad” it does not necessarily reflect you; it is that person’s reflection of their choice. Grace goes beyond “good and bad” parenting; grace goes beyond the injustices we suffer through life. Grace is the power that helps us not only to be saved, but to forgive and to love the unlovable. It is grace that raises anointed ministers out of broken homes. It is grace that causes you to bless the one that sexually abused you as a child. It is grace that causes a marriage to be restored; it is grace that brings forth reconciliations. It is grace that gives you everything that was stolen from you back; it is grace that causes you to give to those that took it! It is grace that causes you to embrace the love of God and to learn to love and accept yourself in the process. How can grace fail? How can we possibly be concerned with allowing grace to flow out of our lives?

To be continued…

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