Why Are We So Scared of Grace? Part 3

“Demolishing the Mockery against Grace”

             We are not called to judge anybody; God will Judge everyone. We are not called to take our revenge; that belongs to God. If you receive His grace, He will not be fair with you, as He will give you the blessings and salvation that you can’t ever deserve. If you reject His grace, He will be fair with you, as He becomes your terrifying judge from the great white throne. Perhaps that is why the Bible encourages us to pray for one another and that includes our enemies. No one will get away with anything, unless they sincerely embrace God’s grace; then their hearts will be truly changed. Is that not what we want? Why do we keep adopting Jonah and the Pharisees attitude of being more excited about God’s judgment and punishment than about the releasing of grace? Heaven rejoices over one person getting saved; it seems like we get up-set when salvation and blessings are flowing over the people we don’t like.

            We are all at times anxious for the sounding of the trumpet of God’s judgment, but how do we change our view when we are the ones standing guilty with no justification for innocents and with no justification for freedom. It is then that we cry out for God’s grace! It is perhaps the reason why some times God has to allow us to go through hell and back so that our hearts can be soften and more willing to extend grace when others are caught in sin. Jesus needed to remind the people that were ready to stone the woman caught in adultery about their own sins. That very action caused them; from the old to the young, to drop the stones of judgment. Perhaps we need to learn to drop our own rocks. So, people in authority; relax! Embrace the grace of God; extend the grace of God; teach the grace of God and let God’s grace do the work. Don’t be impatience because you feel that changes are not happening fast enough; ask the Lord to search your own heart and you will quickly realize that we all desperately need His grace; that everybody has issues in their hearts; immature souls and shameful fleshly desires.

             So, shall we conclude that God has failed? Absolutely not! The choice is ours to reject or accept His grace. For those that embrace His grace, change is inevitable; you will change from the inside, out. His grace will convict you, His grace will confront you, His grace will transform you and His grace will take you from glory to glory. We can’t afford to reject grace; we have done more than enough damage already! Religion condemns us forever; you will forever be remembered for that thing you did with no chance of ever doing anything for God. Religion disqualifies you; takes you away from ministry. Religion will always arrogantly give you that look of disgust that vividly reminds you that you don’t belong. 

             Grace is hope; the hope that declares before heaven that it does not matter what you have done, you can make it. It doesn’t matter what men say, you will be anointed. It don’t matter what little education you have, wisdom will be released in you.   Oh, what else can we say about grace? From your cross as you are getting ready to die in the presence of your accusers; after a life of terrorizing sin; I can hear Jesus say, after your heart turns to Him; after you realize that you are nothing without Him, after you reach out to Him and cry out remember me!: He says to us “…Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”  Nothing else, nothing more; Jesus simply says; today come to me, today I will heal you, I will forgive you, I will restore you; today let me be the lover of your souls, let me embrace you, let me change and love you in the process like none other. May the grace of God be welcomed in our hearts today; in our homes, in our schools, in our programs, in our cities and in our nation. May we embrace grace as the best medicine to mend our broken hearts, our wounded souls and disturbed minds. Let’s demolish the mockery against grace not by tireless arguments, not by proven point, but by resting in God and by a deep knowing that we can trust God with our lives. It is not over; your best days are ahead of you!

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