A Word for Three Ethnic Groups in the American Church!

Some years ago, when I was a pastor in Winton, North Carolina the Lord gave me a word for the church that addressed three ethnic groups:


“For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.”

(Romans 10:12)

Some years ago, when I was a pastor in Winton, North Carolina the Lord gave me a word for the church that addressed three ethnic groups:

1. Hispanics

2. Whites (Anglo)

3. Afro-American

Today, as I was walking and praying, the Lord reminded me of this word and expanded my understanding of what that word means. I feel that the Lord is instructed me to share this word. I hesitated to do so because the word seems so tough, however I must be obedient to God and may all of you judge what I am about to write.

  • Hispanics: God is about to judge the rebelliousness of the Hispanic Church in America. You are coming into this country with a divisive spirit already and you are making it clear that “Americans” are not welcome as you build your Spanish only signs for everyone to see. God did not bring you to America only to reach out to your own, but to be a part of the community of believers.

  • Whites: God is about to judge the pride of the Whites and their refusal to see minorities as equals. They are ok with helping minorities; some are going as far as “going” to churches where other ethnic groups attend; however, they are not in close relationship with anybody else other than people who look like them. Who do you invite for dinners at your table? Who is attending your children’s birthdays? Your pride and your fears I will judge greatly!

  • Afro-American: You are placing much emphasis on your outer self-images, but are neglecting your inner-self. The Lord will judge you for your reverse-racism and for theologies that are not reflecting my love. You are consumed with un-forgiveness and your churches are not representing my love. You are still hiding under the injustices of slavery to justify your carnalities. Why are you insisting in looking at yourselves as victims? Did I not already make you free?

I am also aware that out of these three ethnic groups, I belong to two of them; so may the Lord help us all and may we repent, for our great sin is before the Lord. It is not too late! The Lord told me today that He is not looking for multi-cultural churches on Sundays, but that He is looking for multi-cultural relationships outside of the four walls of a building. It is time, it is time, it is time… It is time to look at my church through the glass of my Word and not through the glass of men’s opinions, tragedies of history and self-promoting agendas of men.

5 comments on “A Word for Three Ethnic Groups in the American Church!”

  1. Beloved,

    Plain and simple “Good Word” Amen! I’m a hispanic and yes I’m not called to love my hispanic neighbor; but to love my nieghbor as I love myself no matter who my neighbor is PERIOD! So good word beloved! And may God forgive our sin and our foolishness. Amen!



      1. And I have the remaining group covered! All three groups must come to realize that a basic mindset shift is necessary for us to become a multi-cultural church:

        A multi-cultural church is more about choice than affinity.

        What do I mean?

        Most of our relationships are based around affinity. We share common interests, similar personality, background, economic level or personality. Not so with true multi-cultural church.

        A multi-cultural church is more like family – we are unable to choose our brothers and sisters. As a result our Christian community may look rather different in terms of affinity, background or personality than that which we would naturally choose.

        Where most community breaks down in churches is that we maintain a “small group” superficiality with those who differ, whilst functionally pursuing relational depth with those “like us”.

        Hence my point – a multi-cultural church community is more choice than affinity.

        We have to choose to hang out with, share life together with and engage in mission with. Our mindset must be – yes there are many people out there with whom I enjoy relationship or connect with but I choose to commit myself to this local group of believers. Sometimes even at the expense of my natural affinity group. There must be an intentionality about our choice of community that overrides our personal preference.

        This “choice over affinity” community is counter-cultural and challenging to the average unbeliever. Why should you choose to hang out with and share life with people with whom you do not share a natural affinity? Why would you choose to share life with a group of people with whom it is more difficult or even awkward to get on with?

        Why the gospel of course!

        Anything less than this simply fails to be a multi-cultural church.


  2. We desperately need each other, and simply recognizing that we need each other is a big step for many of us. The culture of America, of American Christianity white,black, and Hispanic, has been one of self-sufficiency and independence. But I think God is calling us to something different—a culture of interdependency, where we depend on one another to reach all people across racial and ethnic boundaries.


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