Please Stop Building Religious Towers of Babel Part Two


“Dealing With the House Church”

                        So, what do I propose? I feel that I have already said enough and that it is time for me to offer some solutions… I am glad you asked:

  1. We press on in our personal relationship with God in prayer. Without a personal relationship with God we will never grow; it does not matter how many books you read, how many conferences you go to or who your bishop is. We can’t delegate our personal relationship with God. This is the reason why many fall away when their Bishop falls; because “Bishop” became their God. I love my pastor, but if my pastor (God bless him!) is found in adultery or in any homosexual sin, I will be devastated and sad for the man, but my faith in God will not be moved. Many are using the fall of our leaders as an excuse to sin. It is time for you to study and show your own self approved and stop delegating what you can’t Biblically delegate.
  2. We press on in ministering to our families. I have been guilty of not doing this to the extent that I should have. I gave my children what I gave everybody else in my local church as a pastor and neglected ministering specially to them. I strongly regret that! That is why for the last year and half I became a pastor with a congregation of three; my three children. I pray and I study to minister to my children as if I was ministering to thousands.
  3. Recognize the strong relationships the Lord has already bless you with and build on that. For men; I strongly recommend that you openly confess your sins, struggles, etc; and that you truly be accountable to another man. I recommend that out of this transparency, prayer be free to sincerely flow for one another. I am talking about praying about specific things, not memorized, cold and non-anointed prayers that tires our souls in minutes. I am talking about men opening up about what they are doing in their secret places: “Pornography, masturbation, entertaining adultery with co-workers, etc.” Until we get this serious, I am sorry, but we are just playing more church; just moving our game from a larger building to a living room.
  4. A meaningful relationship with believers means among other things…eating together, laughing together, braking bread together, enjoying life together, playing volleyball together, sharing together, praying together and speaking into each other’s lives. It takes more work than just a House Group every two weeks or so. I am afraid that the American Church Culture either has forgotten or don’t know how to fellowship; it seems to be such a struggle! However, the world is always finding creative ways to meet with each other; they do not struggle with fellowship as we do.
  5. Be a part of a local church that preaches the Word and that is involved in the community. Take what is good out of the Local Church and until God says something differently, stay and be faithful where you are at.
  6. Flow with the territorial ministry that God has giving you and be ok with that. Don’t try to make things happened; just flow with what the Father is doing. For me, God has made me a pastor to my children and a Case Manager/Chaplain to my students at The City Rescue Mission. Recently, God has expanded my “territory” by allowing me the privilege of meeting with a family every Saturday at 3:00 PM for fellowship, Bible Study and Prayer. These are the ministries the Lord has given me; nothing less, nothing more, nothing fancy, and with no title.

            As we flow in the doing of these six things, who cares where we go to church on Sundays! Sunday mornings does not define us as a Christian. If I know somebody or if I know no one, it does not matter. Why are we getting so offended If we miss three Sundays and nobody calls; since when is it about us? Did I miss the Memo? God is with you; stop passing judgment; it is just another reflection that your relationships are not strong enough for you to be missed. Pray and ask God to help you and led you.

            I have recently started visiting a local church in Jacksonville as I came out of the cave and you know what; it’s been awesome! The songs are anointed and the Word is challenging. Beloved, these are the dynamics of my Christian life. These realities are what are keeping me sane in the mix of so many tribulations. I am facing so many giants that I have neither time nor tolerance for empty religion. I need God and I need my relationships to be real; that is how mess up I am! You may have it all together…I don’t! I need God and I need His people as much as they need me, for we are “one body,” even if they don’t know it yet!

            I end with this exhortation: Please stop building Religious Towers of Babel that focus on men’s work. Focus only in what the Father is asking of you; nothing less and nothing more. Outside of what the Father is doing we are stepping into the works of our worthless flesh. This word may sound a little tough, but please don’t doubt my love for you! Jesus is our example; study His relationships and meditate on this words:

“Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.”

(John 8:28)

4 thoughts on “Please Stop Building Religious Towers of Babel Part Two

  1. Beloved,

    Listen my Bro. GOD is beautiful in you. You continue to grow in a solid significant way. I see good clarity, undersatnding, wisdom, good judment; then again I see all these elements laying upon a foundation of love, compasion and mercy. I feel your intension is a holy one, your purpuse is to help and edify and more importantly I feel your tough and very strong in your exhortation but you speak about the rudiments of the doctrine of Christ (not foolishness that nobody understand like Peter said), staying firm of what is important, what is foundational. After all without a solid foundation which is CHRIST himself whatever we built will not stand. So thank you Bro. for your words and for the opportunity to response and being part of the dialog.

    Your little brother,


  2. Sometimes the best way to grow is just to go alone with your God and really really listen to His voice in the quiet. Church is great but with the many distractions around us even in the church environment, we can easily miss what God is trying to tell us. That is why I think what you are doing is great…you are spending time with God in the quiet home, at the beach, singing in the living room, beautiful! By all means, fellowship with others, but I think everyone of us, needs to spend much much more time ALONE with GOD ONLY. Then you will really “grow”.


    1. Yes Helen! I heard the word “Foundation” as I was reading your comment. Jesus spend time alone with the Father, He had one disciple very close to Him (John), then three disciples, then the 12, then the 70 and from there He minister to the World. From there everything else will make sense. We will learn to love like our Daddy love and feel what He feels and our Corporate Worship and relationships will then be more meaninful. Thank you so much Helen… God bless!


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