The Revolutionary Prayer Life Part 1


“Four Inseparable Aspects of Prayer”




 “But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” (Matthew 6:6)

            This verse, alongside many others, establishes very clearly that we all must have a prayer life. Prayer is not an option; the Bible tells us in this verse, “…when you pray…” not, “If you pray.” We can present ourselves as great preachers, musicians, teachers, singers, etc; for the Kingdom of God. Yet, the reality is that many people don’t even know the difference between the anointing and just a great show. We can even evangelize for Jesus and perform many other ministerial duties…In all, Jesus will get the glory; thank God for that! However, the scary thing is that we can do all these wonderful religious things relatively well, without much of a prayer life. Many things can be faked in our Christian walk, but our personal relationship with God can’t be faked! When we find ourselves in that place where no one can see us, we are who we really are. There is no middle ground; either you have a relationship with Jesus or you don’t.

            Beloved, developing a prayer life is not only the duty of the “Pastor” and the “leaders” in the church. It is said that the average pastor in America prays fifteen minutes a day if that much.  If you are a “born again” believer you MUST develop a relationship with God. You will not be able to know God, know His will for your life, and experience a personal change in your life without developing a prayer life. Without prayer, we will not be able to know what His righteousness is all about. The tragedy of not praying is that we will go through life without knowing Him; we will be slaves at the mercy of what others tell us.

            Before you tell yourself: “This is just another reading about prayer;” I challenge you to read this whole series, I am convinced that it will be a blessing for you and it will transform the way you view prayer and your prayer life, all together. Let me ask you something: How long should we pray daily? Is the answer fifteen minutes, a half an hour, an hour?

To be continued…


11 thoughts on “The Revolutionary Prayer Life Part 1

  1. I don’t think the length of time is as important as the way we experience prayer, Angel. We are never bereft of prayer, but we may need more than our customary views and practices of it. We may need to experience prayer in a new way — or more correctly, experience God in a new way. As one person said to me, “I want to know about the kind of prayer that will keep me praying when everything in me wants to quit.”


  2. Perhaps we need to go alone in our room on our knees and talk to our God about even our prayer life. Ask Him to give us wisdom about this re the perfect measure. Funny praying to God and asking Him about PRAYER while we are praying, but why not? He may prompt us in the spirit and perhaps tell us we need to pray much much more. Some may say, no! stop bugging God, He got the message the first time. However, personally for me, I find that prayer is like breathing, we need it to live good Christian lives and to survive! If we are breathing ALL THE TIME, then why not PRAY ALL THE TIME? Not in parrot fashion of course. Common sense applies… . Satan may accuse us of being obsessed, but really how can we get too much of God? I say, pray NOW like you have NEVER PRAYED BEFORE. And keep that up, till the day you die, LITERALLY!! Then sit back, and see the powers of God. Our prayers DO NOT only reach the ceiling, but they ascend up the God’s throne LITERALLY LITERALLY. Is He deaf? Not for one second.


  3. So true, sad but the church has lost alot over the past generations. I am actually in the process of writing an article on prayer myself. There is something called effectual fervent prayer, Our Lord Jesus Christ during His earthly minstry prayed, if our Lord prayed, what makes us think we can get away without praying. Thanks God for His mercy. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Amen “inspiredword”. Can’t wait to see that article you are working on; be glad to read it, learn from it and give you feed-back! You said it all; if Jesus prayed what make us think that we don’t have to? Thank you!


  4. I Thesalonian 5:17 says “Pray withou ceasing” in other words uninteruptedly, withou omision.
    I do understand Dennis words to certain degree that praying can’t not be define as effective or significant in any Godly/spiritual way after 15 or 30 or 90 minutes period. That is more about the experience, the purpuse, the intension and even the context of the prayer itself. Yet time is factor. It is a factor to GOD and it should be a factor to me. Because according to the words from The Apostle we must find the way not to be interupted and we must find the way to pray to GOD withou any omision. I feel that must of the time prayer is used religiously, praticed prayer, prayer that has been scripted for different items or occasions. But I think GOD is interested in hearing me, in hearing my heart. Perhaps in reality prayer must be driven within me by either The Holy Spirit or what I’m feeling inside of me or both. As Dennis mentioned, if the importance of prayer have to do more with what I am experiencing and what I’m experiencing is literal fellowship with GOD, then TIME is important. And in that 15 minutes is not gonna cut it, nor 30, nor an hour. For I don’t give my wife Christine or my son Matthew 15 minutes a day. My time for them is not rigid and is not schedule. Love is time. And GOD wants to be LOVED!


    1. “Time is love” and it is certainly important for us to make time to pray. But prayer is an art—the art of lining up one’s heart with God’s heart for a situation or person. This is easier said than done, but when one is single-hearted with God, it’s like opening a valve between two pipes and letting the water flow. Or like flipping a switch in an electrical circuit and letting the power flow.

      The more our heart flows with God’s as a habit of life, the greater the opportunity God has to express His will in the earth through our actions and prayers.Prayer then becomes a lifestyle, not merely an occasional activity.

      This is what makes the heart of any believer something worth protecting and cultivating, like precious and fertile soil. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Matt.12:34; Luke 6:45) Therefore we should guard our hearts with all diligence, for out of them flow “the issues of life” (Prov. 4:23)

      What words have we allowed to take root so that they are living in our hearts? What words have been planted there like seeds? Words establish attitudes and strongholds—patterns of thought and action. What attitudes are evidenced by our manner of living? What habits of thought and action exist in our lives? All of these affect the way we see everything around us and how we deal with what we see—the very words we pray and even how we pray. These too reveal the condition of our hearts.

      And I love the heart of Frank Laubach. He was one of the best-known missionaries of the 20th century. Each morning, he prayed this prayer…

      “God, what are you doing in the world today that I can help you with?”

      This prayer has become a mainstay in my prayer life. It contains two foundational truths. First, God is already at work when we wake up. The day does not begin when we begin; it begins with God, who never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121:4). I step into a stream that is already flowing. Second, God does not ask for my help in everything, but there is a portion of God’s work that I can help with. What a blessing to sense what that portion is and then commit ourselves to be faithful in it. True fellowship with GOD occurs within the bounds of timing and territory.


  5. Amen! Dennis. Wise words. Rodney Howard Brown said one time that in the work of the ministry it is important to know that is not about How much we can have of the Spirit of the Lord, but about How the Spirit of the Lord can have of us. GOD is always busy, He is moving, He is still the Creator. His love is constantly moving like a river. And He is always inviting us to jump in and be part of His awesome work! HALELUYAH! Oh Father GOD, today I remenber the last words of the prodical son when at the end he came to You and said “MAKE ME! I don’t want anything anymore Father; just MAKE ME!


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