A Simple Reminder to be Thankful!


Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. (Palm 100:4)

            The spirit of ungratefulness is robbing us the manifested presence of God. Without thanksgiving it is impossible to experience the presence of the Living God. On this Thanksgiving Day we are particularly reminded of the amazing power of the simple act of being grateful.

            Today I am grateful that God did not leave me in my mess. I am grateful that He save my soul even before I consider His ways.  I am grateful for His uncompromised love for me. I am grateful for my children and for what He is doing in their lives. I am grateful for the dark days because today I can appreciate the light a little more. I am grateful for my parents, my siblings and my amazing friends. I am grateful for my job at The City Rescue Mission. I am grateful for the lessons I have learn from my Daddy. I am so grateful for the insight the Lord is giving me concerning The Christian Life; for the amazing victories the Lord is giving me over the Giants in my life. Thank you Father that generational curses are being pulverized! I thank God for this blog and for allowing me to write for His glory; for the hope of even a greater future, for breakthroughs, prophetic words and for what is yet to come. I thank God for failures and for the exposure of my heart for this process humbled me. I thank God for a roof over my head and because I have never experience hunger; because truly I have more than enough! I thank God for His grace that gives me all of these things I do not deserve and I thank God for His mercy that holds back the eternal punishment that I truly deserve. For the deep knowing that no matter the end-result of certain things and situations, God is God and HE will continue to be God. For these things and so much more… Thank you Daddy!

Tell me, what you grateful for today?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2 responses to “A Simple Reminder to be Thankful!”

  1. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    I am grateful to God for giving us a Spirit of adoption by whom we can out, “Abba, Father”.

    I am grateful to Walter and Mildred for giving me life and for parenting me in ways that brought joy into my life.

    I am grateful to Adrienne, Heather, Joshua, and Seth for blessing me in ways beyond measure and insuring that I will live a life on this earth knowing what it is to be loved in absolutely amazing ways. And now added to that, Evan, who is showing me what “another generation of love” can do to the heart.

    I am grateful for friends—each of you—for showing me the beauty and richness of life. It takes a community to know what life really is. No one of us reveals it all.

    Thank you!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Beautiful Dennis! I felt God’s presence as I started reading your words. Amen!


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