A Reflection on Thanksgiving from my Son Angelo

I thank God for the blue sky that I woke up to this morning; for every sky he blessed me with before. Rain does not make the day nasty, but alive. I thank God for the alarm clock that he provided, the bed he gave me, the privacy of a room he provided for me.  I thank God for the pillow and sheets that comfort me to the best of their ability. I thank God for the clothes that are at my disposal, for the shoes that protect my feet. I thank God for the morning that symbolizes another day. I wake up healthy, not hungry, not lost, not in pain physically. I thank God for the dreams he communicates to me, the warnings he presents to me. I have a bathroom and hygiene products, stuff that make me look forward to the life where such things won’t be necessary. I thank God because I can climb down the stairs, because I can read. I thank God for the bus driver that takes me to learn, and for her expertise in not getting in a crash. With you God, I am safe everywhere. I thank God for the order on the streets, and for the lack of chaos of faster transportation. I thank God because I walk to school, whether I feel like it or not. I thank God for the days of victory I have. The first bell rings, I thank God for politics, or chemistry, depending on the day. I thank God for great teachers, who love to teach, who enjoy sharing knowledge so that we as humans will not become inept. I thank God for the fact that this world is so homeostatic. I thank God for America, that though it is falling every second, it still gives me the freedom to worship, to praise, to acknowledge truth. I thank God for Algebra 2, which teaches people to see what cannot be seen. I thank God for chorus, that I have a gift. I thank God for English, for Spanish, for HOPE. I thank God because he called me, in the midst of my mess. I thank God because compared to those around me, I’m not stupid. I also thank God because he keeps me focused; he helps me when worldly logic tries to defy God’s logic. I thank you God for forgiveness, for without it, I would be dead in more ways than one. I thank God for the end of school, when I can come home. I thank God for victories. I thank God for a time to be alone, an opportunity to reflect and meditate on love, truth, guidance, wisdom and hope. I thank God for endurance, for the ability to do homework. I thank God for food. My brother and sister return from school safely, no worries. My dad returns home. I thank God for his job, for his endurance that God provides which benefits everyone my dad meets. I thank God for his victories. As the day closes, I thank God for my struggles, pain, and suffering. I thank Him for the temptation that He allows, and for the ones he doesn’t. I thank God because he makes me stronger, wiser, better, smarter, faster, and slower. I thank God for my room that I slumber in, and for the hope of a new beginning. I thank God because I wake up, looking at the sky.

7 responses to “A Reflection on Thanksgiving from my Son Angelo”

  1. Kelli Avatar

    Love this.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Praise the Lord!


  2. Emanuele Sarnelli Avatar
    Emanuele Sarnelli

    AMEN we truly have so much to be thankful for Bless YOU LORD and Bless Angelo in JESUS NAME!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Emanuele, God is doing an amazing thing in our lives… I celebrate that my brother! I am so glad He saved us!


  3. Nelson Pacheco Avatar

    Amen! Angelo, Que hermoso Bro. I say thank you GOD with you in every item you mentioned. Good stuff, Love it!


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Pacheco, un abrazo mi hermano!


  4. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    A word received: “My son, how it delights my heart that you desire to give thanks unto Me. As you have done this and continue to do so, My power and anointing comes upon you afresh. A fresh anointing is yours. But it’s not yours to keep – it’s yours to give away that others might be blessed through you in a powerful way.”


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