The Assurance of a Young Man by my son Angelo

Oh Angelo, I knew you before I created your planet; your every failure, struggle, temptation, thought and victory.  Still today I am by you, in you, and around you. I was there, ensuring your coming into this world. I watched you, and protected you, even to this day. When you began to fall, I watched, waiting for the day of your return; and you came. I love you my son, so much, more than your words can ever describe. Every stone set beneath your feet, every animal and plant that you ate, every atom that you touched, I destined. I have been sitting by your bed side every night, watching everything, speaking to you, willing you to listen and answer. I protected you from everything that can kill you. And so you rise in the morning, and I made you a sky to remember me, and a sun to inspire you. I provide you with shelter and safety. I watch you as you choose what to dress, and I love it when you take my advice. You then clean yourself. When you walk out the door, I remind you that I have many warriors fighting for Me, protecting your family. Still today, they are alive and safe. They are healthy and strong, just as you are. You take the bus and I keep the traffic flowing safely. None of your peers have attempted any attack. The bus then drops you of at your school, and you continue on your day, as I walk by you in the hallways, and stand by your side as you sit. When you take those tests, I help you with the answers, and when you get tired, I give you strength. When temptation comes, I remind you who you are and who I Am. As you come home, I love it when you spend time with Me. I love it when you sing to Me. Angelo, I give you life, family, the fulfillment of needs. I Am the Answer to all you problems and concerns. I Am your Comforter, your Healer, your Inspirer, your Provider, your Protector, your Redeemer, your Savior, your Light, your Friend, your Mom. When you need Me I Am here, when you want Me I Am here; I will never forsake you, forget, you, stop loving you. You are Mine, I bought you at a price so that you can be free from the chains of evil; by blood I saved you. You were a slave to this world and all its death, impurities and lies. You were deceived, left to die, robbed, out casted; and yet I revealed the truth, picked you up from the side of the street, reimbursed you, brought you back home. Everything I do is for good, for I Am Good. My Will be done; I gave your people choice, and I Will that you will choose the logical path, for even you have discovered that My Way is the only way. With this, I also Will that the time will come when I will finally say, “YOU ARE WELCOME, good and faithful servant.”

2 thoughts on “The Assurance of a Young Man by my son Angelo

  1. A word received: My son, I am your rock. Stand firmly on Me. Cling firmly to Me and hold tight. My love is always there for you to accept each and every moment and to share as I lead you.


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