Month: November 2010

A Reflection on Thanksgiving from my Son Angelo

I thank God for the blue sky that I woke up to this morning; for every sky he blessed me with before. Rain does not make the day nasty, but alive. I thank God for the alarm clock that he provided, the bed he gave me, the privacy of a room he provided for me. I thank God for the pillow and sheets that comfort me to the best of their ability. I thank God for the clothes that are at my disposal, for the shoes that protect my feet.

On Steve Harvey!

Nothing changes the reality of the Gospel; the hypocrisy of many in the church, the hurts in the Body of Christ, etc. does not, in any way change the Word. Steve needs to be born again and if he is already born again, he needs to be a disciple. Before going public; he needs to go in the private with Jesus!