Lonely Days by Prophet G Craige Lewis

Photo of Prophet G. Craige Lewis


I must say that coming in contact with Prophet G. Craige Lewis’ ministry was one of the greatest blessings I received this year. I e-mail this Man and ask him permission to publish this “Daily Word” he send out. I hope that you, not only read this message, but also become familiar with this man’s ministry; it will be an eye opener for you. You can visit his site at http://www.exministries.com


John 15:14 ‘You are my friends if you obey me. I no longer call you servants,
because a master doesn’t confide in his servants. Now you are my friends,
since I have told you everything the Father told me.’ NLT 

Lonely days are no fun. We all have them. Whether married, single, or divorced, you will have some lonely days. But it seems that some people have more lonely days than others. It seems that those with higher callings on their lives are usually people that struggle with loneliness. It’s almost like God sets them apart or calls them out of past friendships and relationships, and then keeps them alone to himself for a long period to work things out of them. Many of us were so dependent on a man or woman in our lives that we totally ignore God and cannot connect with him like we need to for our callings sake. So what does God do? Take everyone away from us so we can be with him alone. But where does the loneliness come from?

Loneliness comes when you have developed a need for others. I know many will not agree with this, but if you have spent your life living for others, depending on people to validate you, chasing friends and friendships, always needing people around to make you feel wanted or needed, then when you are suddenly alone, you feel very lonely. But if you suffered with any of these issues, loneliness is what you need! Not forever, but at least for a while. You see, Jesus wants to be that friend you are searching for. Don’t you know that God put a desire for himself in your life? Your purpose lies in him, so you must know him to know YOU! Your reason for being lies in him, so you must know him to know why you are you! And when you spend your life chasing friends, using people to find yourself, all you end up doing is having a bunch of one sided relationships, or failed relationships because you are searching for answers in the wrong places. And loneliness becomes a plague to you! But being alone is really an asset. Jesus said in the word that he is your friend and he will not leave you comfortless. He is there and he has all that God has told him about you! Read John chapter 14 and 15 and you will see that his concern is you. He wants you to be his friend and find yourself in him! So the next time you are feeling lonely or all alone, rejoice. Because he is working the false friendships and relationships out of you and working on something much better. Your friendship with him. Because if he calls you friend, it means that he has shared your purpose with you.

Suggested Reading:  John 14, 15, 16

©2010 G. Craige Works All Rights Reserved 

Suggested Reading:  John 14, 15, 16

©2010 G. Craige Works All Rights Reserved

2 responses to “Lonely Days by Prophet G Craige Lewis”

    • I took the time to read most of your comment. You make some very good and valid points. Even as I don’t agree with everything G Craige is teaching, I have been bless by his ministry. Have you made attempts to contact him and talk to him about these things? I am not ready to call him a false teacher; I actually consider him a very powerful preacher!


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