How Soon We Forget!

How soon we forget about God’s mighty power; how soon we forget how our rent got paid, how we should have been on the streets, but somehow, someway we still live in our apartment, month after month. How soon we forget how we did not lose our home when we lost that job; we did not know how we were going to make it, but the mortgage was taken care of, the bills got paid and food never lacked.

Nobody Can Stop Us on Our Journey with God

Even as the journey is not easy, God provides everything that is needed for the journey; not only to continue, but also to be completed. So today, know that in the heat of the troubles of the day and in the terrifying threats of the cold nights of your desert; there is a cloud…the cloud of the glory of God that provides us the shelter to rise above whatever the devil throws at us.

Have you Shared Your Testimony Lately?

We should never get to a point where we feel so mature in the things of God that we forget the testimony and the day of our salvation. Moses, speaking on behalf of the Lord, told the people to commemorate the day that God brought them out of Egypt.
The children of Israel coming out of Egypt is a symbolic representation of our own salvation. We were not able to see with our natural eyes the spiritual warfare that took place before we gave our lives to Christ. God brought us out of our own Egypt with a mighty hand.

I Will Take Back What the Devil Stole from Me

The children of Israel were comfortable in the land of Egypt; they were fine until they were enslaved. Many times, God uses devastating situations to get us out of our comfort zone and keep us moving toward our destiny. The good news is that on your way out, you will get back everything that the devil stole from you and more.

¡Sea Bienvenido el Amor!

Derribemos los ídolos de nuestras vidas de los lugares bajos y aún de los lugares altos. Limpiemos la casa; ya viene el Dios Todo Poderoso. Abramos todas las puertas. ¿Por qué guardar secretos imposibles de ocultar ante Dios? Hemos buscado por todas partes, mas nuestras almas siguen vacías.

God Wants to Show Off in the World, in your Family and In You

God never wastes his time! If we can just see that every word, every dot, every coma and every letter in the Bible has a profound meaning we would never take His Word lightly. In these verses, we see that God revealed to Moses three reasons why He is doing what He is, and how:

God’s Unmatchable Power

I know that many times, the enemy looks big and intimidating. Sometimes we are facing situations so, against the odds that we feel that the path to victory is blocked. The Word of God is a book that not only shows us the Love of God, but also His incomparable and unmatchable power.

The Idol of Ejaculation

Many of us have fallen in the trap of the world as many of us end up worshiping the Idol of ejaculation. For those few minutes of pleasure, and for some it is literally a few minutes, we develop a heart that is willing to sin against God. We then turn our backs on our fellowship with the Lord and become faithful followers of our animalistic instinct. We know deep inside that woman is not the one, but “Oh, she’s so fine!” we say like voluntary prisoners of our selfish desires.

Be Aware of your Destiny Killers

Moses responded to the call of God just like many of us do today. In Moses’ responses, we see an obvious pattern that I am sure many of us can identify with. This pattern is the reason why so many people die without even starting the process of allowing their destiny to become a reality.