How Soon We Forget!

January 29, 2011

22 Then Moses led Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the Desert of Shur. For three days they traveled in the desert without finding water. 23 When they came to Marah, they could not drink its water because it was bitter. (That is why the place is called Marah.) 24 So the people grumbled against Moses, saying, ‘What are we to drink?” (Exodus 15:22-24) NIV


            After God’s amazing display of power against the powerful nation on Egypt; after He even opened the Red Sea, having the children of Israel walk through dry land; and after the Lord closed the sea and killed all of the Egyptian’s army; something just as extraordinary took place. Just three days prior, they were slaves in Egypt; just three days before, they were delivered from the abusive slavery of Egypt; but then, three days after; as they were unable to find water, the people of Israel were murmuring against their leader Moses. That was all it took for them to forget all that God had done for them.

            How soon we forget about God’s mighty power; how soon we forget how our rent got paid, how we should have been on the streets, but somehow, someway we still live in our apartment, month after month. How soon we forget how we did not lose our home when we lost that job; we did not know how we were going to make it, but the mortgage was taken care of, the bills got paid and food never lacked. How soon we forget about that job; so many people applied, some even more qualified, you did not know anybody, but it was you who got it. Did you forget about the promotion you just had? Where do you think that promotion came from? How soon we forget the car accident where all the experts told you that there is no logical explanation for the reason why you’re still alive today. “How could you survive such an impact?” they ask astonished! Should I keep going? Did you forget about the healing you received recently? When the doctor told you that you will never walk again, but you are now running. How soon we forget!

            Beloved, it’s in moments when everything seems dark, when the attacks are more severe, when the prognostics is negative; when all hell is breaking loose against you… that you must remember all that God has done for you.







Nobody Can Stop Us on Our Journey with God

January 28, 2011

“21 By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.” (Exodus 13:21-22) NIV


            A pillar is a column; the column is used as support! The desert is extremely hot during the day; the scorching temperatures can rise up to the one hundred and twenty degrees. I remember ministering in Yucatan, Mexico and listening to some of the pastors informing me that they would normally have services on Sundays at 4:00 AM to avoid the heat of the day. Strange enough; the desert does not cooperate with us humans! At night the temperatures are uncomfortably cold.

            No matter what the reality of life throws at us, how amazing is it to know that we can count on a God that can go ahead of us and cause the normal elements of nature, political issues, bad economy, personal tragedies, failures, etc. to cooperate with us. In the desert, God deals with us physically, mentally and spiritually. The time-frame may vary, but we will all go through this process of the desert.

            The desert is preparing us to face the giants in our lives in the form of generational curses and annoying strong holds. The desert is preparing us to take the promise land of our dreams.

            Even as the journey is not easy, God provides everything that is needed for the journey; not only to continue, but also to be completed.  So today, know that in the heat of the troubles of the day and in the terrifying threats of the cold nights of your desert; there is a cloud…the cloud of the glory of God that provides us the shelter to rise above whatever the devil throws at us. That land belongs to us, not because we are so special or better than anybody, but because the Owner of the Land declared it to be so. Absolutely no one can stop us on our journey with God.






Have you Shared Your Testimony Lately?


January 27, 2011

3 Then Moses said to the people, ‘Commemorate this day, the day you came out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, because the LORD brought you out of it with a mighty hand…” (Exodus 13:3)


            We should never get to a point where we feel so mature in the things of God that we forget the testimony and the day of our salvation. Moses, speaking on behalf of the Lord, told the people to commemorate the day that God brought them out of Egypt.

The children of Israel coming out of Egypt is a symbolic representation of our own salvation. We were not able to see with our natural eyes the spiritual warfare that took place before we gave our lives to Christ. God brought us out of our own Egypt with a mighty hand. The word “commemorate” speaks of honoring and remembering.

“This day,” for me was April 26, 1997 at around 6:00 PM in the Family room of the home I used to own. For the first time in my life, I was excited about reading anything spiritual. A good friend of mine, Doug Berrenguer, gave me a few tracks and among these tracks was “The Four Spiritual Laws” by Bill Bright. As I was reading this particular track aloud to my now deceased wife, Ileana; I received the conviction of the Holy Spirit and read the Sinner’s Prayer out loud. I forgot all about my wife; it was as if I was talking to God, directly. After I finished praying that prayer, I felt warmth and a fire that, up to that point, I had never experience before. It was beautiful! I remember that I stood up and told my wife, who was sitting in the Dining Room listening; but really not listening to me, “Baby, from now on, I am living for God.” My wife looked at me like I was crazy; I never spoke about God before, did not go to church, did not read the Bible and out of nowhere, I am now passionate about Jesus? That same day, we went to visit my in-laws: I said to myself: “Well, they will surely know;” but as I made my statement in the family room of my mother-in-law’s house, no one seemed to care about what I was saying.

It was not until I returned to work and shared with my friend Doug, who seemed to be waiting for me anxiously, that I was able to understand exactly what happened to me in the Living Room of my house. I was saved that night! Beloved, since then, it has being an amazing journey with hills, mountains, valleys and much desert…but I will forever remember that day.

Can you tell me about your day? Can you tell me about the day you got saved? Do you have a few paragraphs to share? If you don’t; perhaps, this is a good day to start practicing.

If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about, write me at

I Will Take Back What the Devil Stole from Me

January 26, 2011

“29 At midnight the LORD struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well. 30 Pharaoh and all his officials and all the Egyptians got up during the night, and there was loud wailing in Egypt, for there was not a house without someone dead. 31 During the night Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Up! Leave my people, you and the Israelites! Go, worship the LORD as you have requested. 32 Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me.’ 33 The Egyptians urged the people to hurry and leave the country. ‘For otherwise,’ they said, ‘we will all die!’ 34 So the people took their dough before the yeast was added, and carried it on their shoulders in kneading troughs wrapped in clothing. 35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The LORD had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.” (Exodus 12:29-36) NIV


            God was taking on the most powerful nation of the day; the powerful and arrogant nation of Egypt. The magicians fell short compared to God’s power; pharaoh’s heart was purposely hardened by the Lord and terrible plagues destroyed the riches of Egypt. I am sure that it took Egypt, years to recover from such a devastating beating at the hand of the All Mighty God. Pharaoh’s heart was not a heart after God, but a heart after him as pharaohs saw themselves as gods. This particular pharaoh was evil as he totally disrespected the memory of Joseph and how much Joseph blessed Egypt. This particular Pharaoh was blood, power and money thirsty! But God had something for him!

            Things got worst for the Children of Israel as their workload was doubled by the orders of Pharaoh, right after Moses’ first request to let God’s people go. The enemy doesn’t let go that easy! Many times, things get worse before they get better; I guess the resistance is a test of our faith. The Word of the Lord already declared the freedom of the Israelites; it was already a done deal in the heart of the Father; but there are always the natural battles we will have to fight to get there. The battle is of the Lord; our job is to move in faith and follow everything He tells us to do; in that, we will always find our nonnegotiable freedom from the slavery of our minds.

            The children of Israel were comfortable in the land of Egypt; they were fine until they were enslaved. Many times, God uses devastating situations to get us out of our comfort zone and keep us moving toward our destiny. The good news is that on your way out, you will get back everything that the devil stole from you and more.


¡Sea Bienvenido el Amor!

Sea bienvenido el amor que tanto esperamos. ¡No lo dejes a la puerta! Que entre el amor tan necesario, la esperanza de este mundo… el Poderoso en Batalla, Jehová de los Ejércitos, mi Socorro en momentos de Tribulación y mi Pronto Auxilio. ¡Cuánto deseo esconderme bajo la dulzura de la sombra de sus alas! Que sea bienvenido el amor; ven y siéntate a mi mesa, déjame servirte, déjame lavar tus pies, déjame cocinarte algo que sea de tu agrado… Ven mi Rey, el Grande y Poderoso. ¡Tanto que has hecho por nosotros! ¿Por qué es que no le abrimos la puerta? ¿Por qué insistimos en hacer las cosas a nuestras formas? Que pase el amor; que se siente al frente, que tome su lugar de honor en nuestras naciones, en nuestros pueblos, en nuestros barrios, en nuestras familias y aún en nuestros corazones. ¿Por qué insistimos en poner nuestra esperanza en hombres? ¿Por qué adoramos partidos políticos? ¿Qué nos puede ofrecer el mundo? Dios y solo Dios nos puede ayudar y nos puede transformar. Dios, quien creó el mundo con las palabras de su boca; el que hizo del polvo al hombre y de la costilla del hombre la mujer. Dios, el que dio hijo a Sara a edad humanamente imposible, Dios quien así levantó una nación… Israel, de la semilla de un hombre… nuestro padre Abraham. ¿Por qué no abres la puerta? El está afuera listo para salvar nuestras almas con el poder de su gloria. ¿Por qué insistimos en hacer las cosas a nuestras formas? ¿No recuerdas lo que le hizo a la poderosa tierra de Egipto? ¿No te dijeron como abrió el mar para salvar a su pueblo y libertarlos de la esclavitud? Sea bienvenido el amor que tanto esperamos. Démosle toda la gloria y todo el honor. Derribemos los ídolos de nuestras vidas de los lugares bajos y aún de los lugares altos. Limpiemos la casa; ya viene el Dios Todo Poderoso. Abramos todas las puertas. ¿Por qué guardar secretos imposibles de ocultar ante Dios? Hemos buscado por todas partes, mas nuestras almas siguen vacías. Entra al azote de Dios; a su disciplina, su cobertura y su transformación real. La santidad de Dios te espera…al otro lado del dolor verás Su rostro, verás su gloria y serás iluminado con la luz de su amor. ¡Sea bienvenido el amor!

God Wants to Show Off in the World, in your Family and In You


January 25, 2011


1 Then the LORD said to Moses, ‘Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart and the hearts of his officials so that I may perform these miraculous signs of mine among them 2 that you may tell your children and grandchildren how I dealt harshly with the Egyptians and how I performed my signs among them, and that you may know that I am the LORD.” (Exodus 10:1-2) NIV


            God never wastes his time! If we can just see that every word, every dot, every coma and every letter in the Bible has a profound meaning we would never take His Word lightly. In these verses, we see that God revealed to Moses three reasons why He is doing what He is, and how:

  1. God Wants to Manifest His Power in the World: God wanted to show off among them. Many of us have the wrong idea of ministry. We think of ministry as hiding in a building doing the same thing with the same people over and over, Sunday after Sunday. We want to be only around Christians and many feel that unless we directly work for an established ministry, we are not considered ministers, at all. So we continue to develop the entertainment mentality as we delegate the fact that God has called each one of us to be vessels of His glory and power.

  2. God wants for us to share with our children the Word and The Testimonies of the manifestation of His power: Our children spend too, much time distracted by the things of the world; but if we introduce God to them as He is and not as religions’ view of God is; we will, without a doubt, have a better nation. It is important that we communicate with our children what the Lord has done, is doing and is yet to do according to the Scripture. We need to share the stories of our mess with our children and give them a clear idea of the places our God delivered us from. Some of us are so busy trying to be perfect and showing our children what we are not, that we forget to exalt Jesus. It is not about us, it is about exalting Jesus and His work in us. Many of our children follow the world because the world is more attractive as the world seems more glamorous and powerful than our pitiful seminary box and religious presentations of a god that does not look anything like the True God in the Bible.

  3. God wants us to individually know that He is Lord: We will never present God effectively to humanity if we ourselves don’t know God as Lord. Many of us like Him as a Savior; as the One that saves us from hell; yet we refuse to see Him as Lord.  When Jesus becomes our Lord, then our lives will experience powerful transformations. Out of knowing that He is Lord and treat him as so, we will experience the power of His anointing. So we will manifest not just head knowledge, not just mere entertainment; but the anointing of God that breaks the joke of bondage out of His people. Moses needed that kind of power, without it, he would have been killed from the very moment he dared to stand in front of Pharaoh requesting God’s people to be set free. Pharaoh and the people of Egypt considered Moses a god, for the manifestation of God’s power in Moses’ life was indeed, overwhelming for the most powerful nation at that time.













God’s Unmatchable Power



January 23, 2011

8 The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, 9 ‘When Pharaoh says to you, ‘Perform a miracle,’ then say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh,’ and it will become a snake.’

10 So Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and did just as the LORD commanded. Aaron threw his staff down in front of Pharaoh and his officials, and it became a snake. 11 Pharaoh then summoned wise men and sorcerers, and the Egyptian magicians also did the same things by their secret arts: 12 Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake. But Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs.” (Exodus 7: 8-12) (NIV)

            I know that many times, the enemy looks big and intimidating. Sometimes we are facing situations so, against the odds that we feel that the path to victory is blocked. The Word of God is a book that not only shows us the Love of God, but also His incomparable and unmatchable power. It is amazing to see the magnitude of God’s power compared to the devil. God is able to beat the enemy in an effortless fashion.   

            There was an exhibition of power between Moses and the Egyptian magicians’. In these versus, though we see Aaron’s snake devouring the snakes of those magicians, the magicians were still able to imitate the miracle. We later see that these magicians were able to imitate the water as blood and the plague of frogs. However, this was as far as they could go, for the Lord was just getting started.

            I am so glad that I serve such a powerful God and proud to say that I am on His team. The next time the enemy throws something at you, remember that it doesn’t matter how big and powerful the enemy seems to be; God can and will devour whatever the enemy is able to produce against you.   




The Idol of Ejaculation

            Men, if you are not complete without a wife you are not ready for marriage. So then, after you realize that you are complete, how do you know that she is the one? Is it her eyes? Is it her hair? Is it the way she walks? It must be her killing body, right? “That girl doesn’t miss one day in the Gym!” Or is it the way she makes you feel every time you kiss her?

            Many of us have felt all these things before, but surely they were not enough to carry on a successful relationship; to the contrary, we step into terrible nightmares. There is only one sign; one thing that is the determining factor in knowing that you have found that “good thing” that the Bible speaks about: If your relationship with this woman draws you closer to Christ and further from sin. The way our dating season goes is the best indicator of how Godly or not that relationship is. Many times, we don’t even have to go into a date to know that we must flee from that person. The Bible encourages us to flee from sexual immorality; some of us see the writing on the wall the first time we look, but yet, we still go after our own spiritual and, at times, literal death.

            So when you get to the point where you can sincerely tell a woman: “I am blessed when I am alone, but I am better when I am with you.” as it relates to your relationship with God…you have found “the one”; you are now ready for marriage. For before God established that it was not good for a man to be alone, Adam spend time alone with God first. By the time Eve came into the picture, Adam was already in relationship with God and moving in his purpose and destiny.

            Many of us engaged in relationships that are ungodly from the “get-go” as they quickly move us away from the things of God. We engage in relationships out of desperation; out of fear of fornication, even as many are already fornicating. Marriage becomes then, the remedy that will fix your sexual immorality…but the problem is that marriage never fixes anything; because the issue is not the marriage or who we marry, but what is in our hearts! We marry then, for the wrong reasons and then we are surprised when everything goes wrong.

            Many of us have fallen in the trap of the world as many of us end up worshiping the Idol of ejaculation. For those few minutes of pleasure, and for some it is literally a few minutes, we develop a heart that is willing to sin against God. We then turn our backs on our fellowship with the Lord and become faithful followers of our animalistic instinct. We know deep inside that woman is not the one, but “Oh, she’s so fine!” we say like voluntary prisoners of our selfish desires. Soon we will find ourselves in a deep cave of shame, jealousy, turmoil, anger, rejection and lack of peace. Soon, we find ourselves losing all sensitivity to the presence of God as the idol of ejaculation reports to the devil: “One more time, one more victim…mission accomplished.” Ladies, the same applies to you as many of you worship your own idol of orgasm! Don’t think that God can’t see what you keep secretly in your drawer.

Be Aware of your Destiny Killers

January 22, 2011

7 The LORD said, ‘I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. 8 So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey—the home of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. 9 And now the cry of the Israelites has reached me, and I have seen the way the Egyptians are oppressing them. 10 So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.” Exodus 3:7-10 (NIV)


     Moses responded to the call of God just like many of us do today. In Moses’ responses, we see an obvious pattern that I am sure many of us can identify with. This pattern is the reason why so many people die without even starting the process of allowing their destiny to become a reality.

1. Insecurity:

11 But Moses said to God, ‘Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11)

     Many of us feel disqualified even before we start. We fail to understand that if it’s God who calls us, He will also equip us to do the work.

2. Fear of Failure:

1 Moses answered, ‘What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The LORD did not appear to you?” (Exodus 4:1)

     Even as we are sure that God is calling us to do certain things, we still, many times, make this issue about us as we close our eyes to the fact that we are doing His business and not ours.

3. Fear of Speaking Up:

10 Moses said to the LORD, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.” (Exodus 4:10)

     The enemy does not have a problem expressing himself; however, many times, it is us as Christians who find a million excuses and reasons to remain quiet. We must lose that fear and allow God to speak through us.

4. Looking for a Way out by Recommending Others to do what it is for us to do:

13 But Moses said, ‘Pardon your servant, Lord. Please send someone else.” (Exodus 4:13)

     This may sound like a humble action on Moses’ part, but for God it was not received that way. 

14 Then the LORD’s anger burned against Moses…” (Exodus 4:14)

      Again, Moses continued that path of making it look like it was all about him. However, God was exposing the killers of Moses’ destiny in preparation for the great assignment in his life.

5. Disobedience: 

24 At a lodging place, on the way, the LORD met Moses and was about to kill him. 25 But Zipporah [Moses’ wife] took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it ‘Surely you are a bridegroom of blood to me,’ she said. 26 So the LORD let him alone.” Exodus 4:24-26

     At that time, she said “bridegroom of blood,” referring to circumcision. Moses knew about circumcision; however decided to take lightly what the Lord established as a covenant sign. God does not play with our character; He will take the time to brutally deal with our unresolved issues with Him. Beloved, be aware of your destiny killers.