What is New in our Blog?

Hello everyone; it is about 1:32 AM when I write these words. Happy New Year to all my friends and family. I am surely looking forward for 2011! A few hours ago I receive a “strange” word from the Lord that I will share with you guys later today. The word is entitled: “The Year 2011: A Year of Human Failures”. Don’t let the title confuse you; there is something very profound that I felt the Lord shared with me. For now let me just tell you that I added a new Category on my blog: “From Genesis to Revelations Daily Devotionals”. These are short 200 to 400 words devotionals that will be written out of my personal time in the Word. Come and visit and tell your friends about us. This blog is completely free; it will cost you nothing all I am asking you is to spread the Word by e-mailing our information to your friends. Your comments are greatly appreciated! God bless you and again… Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “What is New in our Blog?

  1. Strange word indeed! But why should we be surprised? Failure is not an option. It is how we respond to failure that determines our future because trials and failures do not have the power to kill our life’s purpose when we decide to live during and after painful experiences. So the real struggle is here, now, in these quiet weeks. Now is the time to decided whether, in the year of human failures, you shall miserably fail or gloriously conquer. For character cannot be made except by a steady, long continued process.

    We need to dismiss excuses that hold us back and disqualify ourselves from action. John Maxwell said, “It is easier to turn failure into success than an excuse into a possibility.” In other words, everyone with an excuse why they can’t be used to build the Kingdom of God will never have the possibility to avail themselves.


    1. What I felt the Lord gave me last night goes alone the same point that you are making here. I am waiting for my editing team (Angelo) 🙂 to take the time to edit this word so that I can released!


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