The Year 2011: A Year of “Human” Failures

          Well my friends; there was a lot of expectation when 2000 came around. Many were convinced that there were going to be a great disaster as all computers were supposed to crash all over the world. Many thought that it was going to be the end of the world! People were also looking forward for 2008, especially 08/08/08… Remember that? But what can we say about 2011?

            Biblically, numbers mean something. For example: “one” means unity, “two” means fellowship, “three” means resurrection, “four” means earth, “five” means mercy, “six” means sinful man, “seven” means Perfection or the number of God, “eight” means new beginning, “nine” represent the gifts of the Holy Spirit, “ten” means completion and “twelve” means government. Much is already being said about “2012” through Hollywood and even from some respected prophets in this nation. 2012 has become as dramatic as the expectations that we had for the year 2000 or even greater.

            Yes! I know, I didn’t mention eleven. As we step into 2011 we don’t have a spectacular meaning, but a scary one. The Biblical meaning of number eleven is: “human failure.” How can we, if we follow the meaning of these numbers, receive 2011 with such great expectation? Some of us have experienced enough failure as it is. Failure means: “A lack of success in or at something.” The Bible tells us in Romans 8:3,

“For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh…”

            For many, this is going to be a year where your weakness will be exposed like never before. You keep doings things in your own abilities and are good in what you do. However, through your flesh you can only go so far! God will allow failure to visit your door and when that season comes…remember this word! Many are getting used to doing things outside of God’s anointing. It is sad to say, but some can’t distinguish between talent and God’s anointing! What is the word for 2011? It will be a year of “human” failure.

            The world will continue their sure path towards destruction. If your hope is in the government, you are up for a very rude awakening. If your hope is in the Tea Party Movement, the Democratic Party, Republican Party or any particular candidate, you will surely be disappointed. This world is in constant decay! It is indeed, foolish to place our hope in what the world has to offer. As I said in some of my previous writings; the world is and will forever be an “unfinished tower.”

            This word is for the church; get ready for your human efforts to fail; for we are filled with a form of Godliness that is denying the power of God and substituting His glory for our reasoning and our ineffective ways of doing things. We operate with a business mentality that rejects and mocks the purity of ministry. How can we truly rehabilitate anybody without the true Gospel being preached? We see Pastors operating in community activities; sitting at government tables, receiving the praises of the world for their contributions to the community; but with very little evidence of the life changing power of God. What they do for the community has become an excuse for the shameful acts they do in secret. The segregation gospel will be exposed like never before this year. Many are using the shameful acts of our past’s history as it refers to slavery and racial discrimination, as an igniting fire to divide God’s people. They are after the money with little care about whom they call “My people.”

            We are seeing Churches where Deacons operate as demons; controlling the men of God and manipulating with their witchcraft what “thou says the Lord.” Deacons whom they themselves are Biblically out of order for adopting functions that were never intended for that office. We are seeing Board of Directors of Christian organizations operating totally in the flesh, totally dependent on their degrees and influence in the community. No longer do we look for hearts among us, but we look for the world. We look for man and woman full of religiosity, but lacking the reality of lives in fear and trembling to our God. Men and women filled will pride that are so insensitive and lost in their fleshly accomplishment that they are unable to even feel the resistance of our Lord. But this year they will and many will be broken; many will repent and God will lift them up.

            Many are prophesying good things, marvelous blessings and out-pouring of God’s Spirit. Surely those things will come; however, they will not be released until we find ourselves at the end of our human abilities. A great house clean-up is coming; furniture will be moved; dust and trash will be finally removed from the corners and from under our tables. It will seem a mess and many will rebuke the devil, but I am here to tell you that it will be Jesus turning the tables in the temple of our lives.

            Oh, yes…it is the year of “Human Failures.” Not the year of God’s failure, for God can’t fail. It is not the year of failures for humble vessels of God, for this year they will surely be exalted! But this is the year where many man-made projects will be demolished. Prepare yourself for awful scandals; but at that hour do not be discouraged; for God is preparing His bride. 

            So we are doing things our way, we will then come to the end of ourselves and just as the children of Israel cry out to God every time they got in trouble, the church will also cry out to God and God will release His glory and He will divide the darkness from the light and we will be the peculiar people that we are called to be.

3 thoughts on “The Year 2011: A Year of “Human” Failures

  1. Truly a word from the Lord! GOD is seeking those after his own heart; he is laying the foundation of what is to come. It is not going to be by our own ability, but by GOD’s ability that we will make it, the Holy Spirit is allowing those that are truly seeking to align themselves with the body. There is urgency! The trumpets are blowing and there is not much time…


    1. Well said, Frank. For many years I had carried with me a card with the words: “I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail, than to attempt to do nothing and succeed!” I may have lost the card but not the challenge it poses. After all, God Himself allows trial and error, as long as His children are committed to follow His ways and recognize that with Him “all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) and victory is the inevitable outcome!


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