The Lord is Saying: “It is not Funny”

I received this word on 01/02/2011 as I was walking and praying that morning near my apartment in Jacksonville, Florida. The Lord stopped me in the middle of my intercession and released this message into my spirit:

“It is not funny when I say “go” and you don’t go. It is not funny when I say “speak” and you don’t speak. It is not funny when I say “now” and you wait. It is not funny when I say “stay” and you leave. It is not funny when I say “leave” and you stay. It is not funny when I say “stop” and you continue. It is not funny when I say take the land and you hide in the mountains of your limitations.  You appear to be humble in the eyes of men, but in my eyes I see your rebelliousness. I need you to obey; for my heart is broken for the lost and for my children that are confused and have been victims of doctrines and words that are not from Me. For I come to destroy the spirit of procrastination out of my people. For nothing will hold back the timing of my will; I am not controlled by time, for I am God.”

10 responses to “The Lord is Saying: “It is not Funny””

  1. Everyone of us has been placed on earth to perform some work, even if the audience is of only One, namely, God Himself. Bob Tuttle recognized that “the most important thing we do in responding to the call of God is to show up and pay attention. We don’t have to be certain. We don’t have to be the best. We don’t even have to want to be there.” Yet, in obedience, we’d better be affirmative toward His promptings for only so can we experience genuine satisfaction in the sphere where God has placed us!


  2. Thanks for sharing that waking Word. God spoke through me today in the worship and declared that He is calling for an “Intimate Walk” that results in the precision of hearing Him and obeying Him. Your word is confirming for me. Thanks for sharing!


    • A word received: “I want your heart – all of you. Nothing held back for safety or fear of hurt or failure. Love Me and follow Me with abandon – no thought to your comfort or future. LET GO of everything and follow where I lead you, where I open doors for you that no man can shut. Yes, these are dangerous times, but you will be in more danger if you stray from My path and My calling and My perfect timing. Go when I say Go and turn when I say turn and stop to listen when I call your name and My Spirit nudges. Be sensitive to the slightest touch, the smallest change in your sense of My peace and direction. You are My “special forces” – be ready, trained, and prepared to be sent at a moment’s notice into the gap to rescue those who are dying to know Me. Your comfort is not the highest priority – it is a trap that insulates you from the crying needs of all my children. I will make you uncomfortable, not only for their sake, but also for yours. It is not good for your soul to be overprotected and fragile. Take the risk! Trust that I will bring great good out of every challenge, every change you take for My kingdom. I call you to follow me to the edge and take the leap of faith and fall freely and completely into my arms.


  3. Amen. This a word that is speaking to me right now. I was on the verge of leaving when I should have been staying, but you, Angel Casiano, helped me see what God was saying to me.
    Gracias mi amigo, mi hermano.


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