Let’s Make Our Father Smile Today

January 5, 2011

So the Lord was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke his heart. (Genesis 6:6) NLT

Many of us have written and speak much about our own painful experiences and sufferings. However, have we ever stopped to consider God’s pain? We do not serve a heartless and cold God, but one who has emotions and is moved by our actions. First John 4 tells us that “God is love.” First Corinthians 13:4 tells us that “Love suffers long.” God has been suffering for a long time! I am sure that Lucifer’s betrayal was painful to God. I also believe that the betrayal of each one of the angels that followed Lucifer caused God grief in His Heart. Each one of these angels, including Lucifer, was created and loved by God. However, one third of the angels in Heaven believed Lucifer’s lies over God’s truth.

It is in God’s nature to love; it is His essence; it is who He is; therefore suffering is also a part of His experience. I hope that today as you read these words you consider your actions…will you consider God’s suffering? I hope that today we make our Father smile.

2 responses to “Let’s Make Our Father Smile Today”

  1. Dennis Owen Avatar
    Dennis Owen

    Let the measure of God’s love pierce our hearts (Zechariah 12:10) and cut away the flesh that keeps us from walking in the measure of holiness and commitment that He is calling you and I to.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Amen Dennis!


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