I Will Take Back What the Devil Stole from Me

January 26, 2011

“29 At midnight the LORD struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well. 30 Pharaoh and all his officials and all the Egyptians got up during the night, and there was loud wailing in Egypt, for there was not a house without someone dead. 31 During the night Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Up! Leave my people, you and the Israelites! Go, worship the LORD as you have requested. 32 Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me.’ 33 The Egyptians urged the people to hurry and leave the country. ‘For otherwise,’ they said, ‘we will all die!’ 34 So the people took their dough before the yeast was added, and carried it on their shoulders in kneading troughs wrapped in clothing. 35 The Israelites did as Moses instructed and asked the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold and for clothing. 36 The LORD had made the Egyptians favorably disposed toward the people, and they gave them what they asked for; so they plundered the Egyptians.” (Exodus 12:29-36) NIV


            God was taking on the most powerful nation of the day; the powerful and arrogant nation of Egypt. The magicians fell short compared to God’s power; pharaoh’s heart was purposely hardened by the Lord and terrible plagues destroyed the riches of Egypt. I am sure that it took Egypt, years to recover from such a devastating beating at the hand of the All Mighty God. Pharaoh’s heart was not a heart after God, but a heart after him as pharaohs saw themselves as gods. This particular pharaoh was evil as he totally disrespected the memory of Joseph and how much Joseph blessed Egypt. This particular Pharaoh was blood, power and money thirsty! But God had something for him!

            Things got worst for the Children of Israel as their workload was doubled by the orders of Pharaoh, right after Moses’ first request to let God’s people go. The enemy doesn’t let go that easy! Many times, things get worse before they get better; I guess the resistance is a test of our faith. The Word of the Lord already declared the freedom of the Israelites; it was already a done deal in the heart of the Father; but there are always the natural battles we will have to fight to get there. The battle is of the Lord; our job is to move in faith and follow everything He tells us to do; in that, we will always find our nonnegotiable freedom from the slavery of our minds.

            The children of Israel were comfortable in the land of Egypt; they were fine until they were enslaved. Many times, God uses devastating situations to get us out of our comfort zone and keep us moving toward our destiny. The good news is that on your way out, you will get back everything that the devil stole from you and more.


One thought on “I Will Take Back What the Devil Stole from Me

  1. Too often, we settle for less than what God has for us. Too often, we will not reach for bigger and better things. We get too comfortable, too quickly. We’re living in a day when God is saying, according to Isaiah 54, for us to sing out of our barrenness and to expect more out of life, according to His will and His desires for us, to begin to enlarge our vision, to enlarge the place of our tents, to stretch out the curtains of our dwelling, to lengthen our cords and to strengthen our stakes because He wants us to expand to the right and to the left. He wants us to break out on the left hand and break out on the right hand so we can inherit our inheritance, so we can possess the land He desires for us. Do yo see, my beloved? God does not want us to be strangers in a strange land. God has an inheritance. God has a place for you, a place for your destiny, a place of your provision, a place of your blessings.


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