Listening to the Mysteries of God’s Specifics

February 2

1 The LORD called to Moses and spoke to him from the tent of meeting. He said…” (Leviticus 1:1) (NIV)


            If you are like me, when you propose in your heart to read the entire Bible in a year, you start very excited, the stories are wonderful and they really capture our imagination. However, by the time we start getting into the latter chapters of Exodus and especially as we enter into Leviticus, we quickly start losing our excitement. The latter chapters of Exodus gives us all the specifications concerning the construction of the Tabernacle of Moses, while Leviticus give us all the specifications of what to do in that Tabernacle and also a deep and profound elaboration of a variety of laws, from social to spiritual laws. Without the Revelation of the Holy Spirit, the reading of these books could be very difficult. How many sermons have you heard from Leviticus? Exactly my point!

            However, this time around, I felt a jealousy in my spirit and that jealousy turned into an actual personal prayer request. As I read all the specific instructions that God gave Moses, I started meditating on how very little we hear from God. We hear bits and pieces, but many times we wish we can get into the specifics of God’s mystery.

            I remember a few years ago getting down on my knees one day, desperate to hear from God; a few minutes later I stood up very distressed because God did not speak to me. I yelled: “I want to talk to you like a son talks to His Father; I want to hear from you, but where are you? I can’t hear you, I can’t sense you.” I then proceeded to walk out of my room very disappointed. The next morning, as soon as I woke up, the Lord told me to get my Bible, quickly with paper and a pen and to get down on my knees again. I quickly obey! For over two hours the Lord ministered to me about Hannah (Prophet Samuel’s mother). It was beautiful! Nothing like the voice of God, even if He rebukes us!

            I believe with all of my heart that God desires to release that kind of detailed information into our hearts, but many of us are not willing to go into the desert with Him and many of us are even more unwilling to go up from the comfort of our mediocrity onto the mountain-top of His excellence. Many of us are terrorized at the challenging sound of God’s voice and we rather have a “Moses” to do the listening and breaking it down to us on Sundays. In the days of Moses, the children of Israel did not have any choice, only Moses was allowed to get that close to God’s glory; however, today’s days, every believer is capable of hearing from God. If you are a born again believer you are able to hear His voice and listen to the mysteries of God’s specifics. Are you hungry and thirsty for His voice?


4 thoughts on “Listening to the Mysteries of God’s Specifics

  1. We must resist the temptation of allowing the seemingly repetitive nature of Leviticus to allow us to become complacent in our attentiveness to God’s word!  There is much here to discover and to reflect upon, and many images that point forward to Christ.  As I read the first five chapters of this book, my heart rested on this verse:

    “You shall season all your grain offerings with salt; you shall not let the salt of the covenant with your God be lacking form your grain offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt” (Lev 2:13).

    After the directive of what NOT to include in the grain offering (leaven, honey), why the specific inclusion of salt?  From a cultural perspective, salt was a pure compound used as a preservative – pointing to the perfect and everlasting nature of the covenant.

    But my prayers took me deeper still, thinking about the saltiness of sweat and human tears.  The gifts that we bring to God are an extension of ourselves – those things we hold dear – the things we are willing to sweat about, the things that we are able to weep over.  Our gifts to God – if they are to be pleasing to God, must cost us something.
    How salty are your gifts to God?


    1. No doubt that every word; every letter in God’s Word is communicating something amazing. I surely enjpy the revelation God is giving concerning the salt. Amen Dennis!


  2. It is also interesting to note that Jesus moves from the Beatitudes to two foundational “you are” statement—statements which identify us as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Neither image makes any sense apart from an eventual investment—salt on food, light in the world. But for the investment to take place salt has to recognize it’s for flavoring, and light has to recognize it’s for shining.

    In other words, who we are is what we do. Being precedes doing. Identity ignites investment. Jesus says, “You are…” before he tells them ”to keep…” We will never invest ourselves in anything if we do not have the identity which connects us to it. U think Jesus is saying, “When you realize you are salt, you’ll start looking for some food to sprinkle yourself on. When you realize you are light, you will begin to seek out dark places where you can shine.”


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