The Press Olives of our Hearts

Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.” (Exodus 27:20) NIV

            You can acquire knowledge by going to seminary, reading and studying many books. However, the anointing can only be acquired in one way and that is through pressure, pain, suffering and hardship. Many settle for the head-knowledge and techniques on how to make it look like they have power. The anointing is what breaks the yoke; it is the very presence of God in what we do; it is the power to say no when we want to say yes and to have the courage to say no when society says it is ok to say yes. It is the power to bring life in the middle of death and light in the midst of darkness. It is the pressed down oil that kept the lamps burning back in the book of Exodus; it is the pressed down life that brings forth God’s glory in our present day.

            You can’t lose your call or your talent, for they are irrevocable according to Romans; but the anointing must be treasured. King Soul was still the king, but the Anointing of God was removed out of His life for His insisting in sin and lack of reverence to the things of God. What a tragedy for us today, having access to such power, but enjoying the satisfaction of a worldly way of approaching the things of God. Power, we need power and that power can only be found in God’s anointing. Sad to say, but some don’t even know the difference between the anointing of God and just plain talent; sad to say, but some don’t even know the difference between a motivational speaker and a man or woman of God. I say, keep the lamps burning, keep them burning, for we are the light of the world only if we walk in the light that shines from the pressed olives of our hearts.