3 thoughts on “My Daughter Playing Basketball Scored Six Points in 1.43 Seconds

    1. Yes, she is bless with natural talent Kelli. The basketball season is preparation for Track and Field. The Lord spoke to me a year ago and told me to tell Jubilee that her time to shine is near. That time is now! She is shinning for the glory of God. Jubi has endureth much pain in her short life. Lost her mom at six and as you know things did not go well with my second marriage. Today my baby has God and she has me! I try so hard to give her a mom, but I mess that up! Now! I needed to focus on God and allow God to do the work. But, we move on Kelli… Now I am foucs on God and my children. To hear my daughter tell me: “Daddy, I was thinking about what you told me about how to make that basket in my head as I was running…” It was music to my ears. “Yes Lord… It is my baby’s time to shine for your glory! Help me to be a good father and mother and help above all to always point at you when they look at me! In Jesus name…Amen”


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