Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Peculiarity

I am the Lord and more than enough; whoever follows me will lack nothing, for I am with you. I am all you need! If you have Me, you have everything! Why then are you going to the world seeking what only I can give you? Stop compromising My Gospel, stop compromising My Truth. I demand your heart, I demand your mind and I demand your soul. Come after Me you double minded. Seek My Will and deny your own, for it is then that you will gain the abundant life. Bring down the idols of your heart; trust me and go and face your giants. For I Am with you! Why do you insist on returning to slavery? Why do you reject My Freedom, My Peace and My Joy for the emptiness of other gods? I gave My Levites specific instructions on how to serve me, treasure My presence, My Way of doing things and how to serve my people. One thing you and the Levites have in common; I called you both to be holy…for I Am holy. You want to follow me, but want to carry your idols among your material things; you want to follow Me, but your high places are consumed with the idolatry of this age. My message is Power, because I Am Power; don’t change My message to grow in numbers…to say that you are doing something for Me. Come after Me with your whole heart…make-up your mind and stop trying to fit-in! My people are not of this world; you belong to My Kingdom! You are my peculiar people, but you are ashamed of your peculiarity, so you’d rather look like the world as you use My Name in vain for things that I don’t approve. This is not your gospel; it is My Gospel; this not your truth, it is My Truth. They are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Me.

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