Even in the Terrorizing Presence of Death.

February 12, 2011

“The only exceptions are Caleb son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite and Joshua son of Nun, for they have wholeheartedly followed the LORD.” (Numbers 2:12) (NLT)


            No doubt that Joshua and Caleb were not perfect men; they were just like the rest of us; they needed to carry their own humanity day in and day out. However, these individuals had the honor of being the only two people out of the original group that came out of Egypt, that went on to enter the promise land.

            Not only did they enjoy this distinction, but also, the “Reina Valera;” perhaps the most popular Spanish Bible Version, actually stated that these two men were perfect in their pursuit of God. To go after something wholeheartedly means: “To go after something enthusiastically, entirely, unreservedly, unconditionally, etc. It is characterized by unreserved enthusiasm, passion, or commitment.”

            Is it possible to be perfect? Perhaps yes and perhaps no! Without God we can’t go any further. We all know that as we stand right now and if we are honest with ourselves, that we still have issues in our lives that need some more fixing. What we know, confirmed by this Scripture, is that we can go after God with all of our hearts and that our pursuit of God can, indeed, be perfect. I am talking about a hunger for Him, a hunger for His presence and a sincere desire to surrender more and more of us to God.

            You and I have our own promised land to conquer; the Lord already gave us the land; it is ours to take; we just have to fight for it. But the issue here is not to fight with our own strength; the issue is not in having more of God. We have all that we need in us from God and more. The issue is for us to be reckless in our trust to God and go after HIM with all of our hearts. Let God have more of us!

            For those that want to sound the trumpet of negativism and declare the impossibility of such commitment; Joshua and Caleb stands as statutes with mirrors on each side that reflects the condition of our own heart and our trust and loyalty in other gods. For those that are injected with faith that goes beyond circumstances, Joshua and Caleb stand as soldiers of encouragement. They stand as two men with a powerful inspirational message that casts out all fear, a message that cries out “Go forward!” a message that will never back-down, even in the terrorizing presence of death.


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