Month: March 2011

It Gets Harder to Get Up

Every time we fall, we hit ourselves harder and it gets harder to get up. If you are one away from the Lord or you are starting to feel coldness in your heart towards the Lord, repent and turn to Jesus. Many find themselves unable to prosper and they wonder why. Check your heart before you fall; surely it will get harder to get up.

“Godly Mentorship” By Prophet G. Craige Lewis

Whether you take time to do it, or it just happens by default, you have chosen a mentor! Your mentor is the person that you have chosen to be an example, to guide your path, direction, and future. And it’s usually a person that you never have to ask to be your mentor, but it just happens because God has lead them into your life. Beware of people that ask to mentor you or that you have to ask for mentorship.

Asking God for the Impossible

As I read this incredible story, I started reflecting on the aspect of my prayer life that has to do with asking God. I was surely convicted as I faced my own reality concerning the fact that I don’t ask God for much. Other than the normal intercession for my own family, friends, diverse situations and a sporadic “God help me!” my list of things I asked for is not impressive.

What Does Your Own Crucifixion Look Like?

The ultimate call for your own crucifixion is not to save others, but to be holy so that you can see God. We long for our day to see our Daddy face to face. But the reason for our crucifixion is complex and it involves others because God is a God of multiplication. The glory of God is also seen in the unattractiveness of hardship for the sake of a lost humanity who can’t make sense of tears and whose joy is inexistence.

Don’t Set Yourself Up for a Massive Disappointment Part 1

No one can truly fill your life with joy, peace and validation, but God. It is ok to expect a man or a woman of God to behave in certain way and it’s ok to expect your future husband or wife to treat you in a certain way. Even an expectation of feeling good around that person is appropriate. However, to expect a human being to make you “feel” joy, strength, peace and validation is a set up for failure. No human being can measure up to such responsibility. You want Biblical evidence?