The Basic Nature of Our Battles

So what is our role in the battles that we are facing? Our role is to show up early; to trust God in the mix of it all no matter how bad it looks. Our role is to never lose heart and to praise HIM! Our role is to watch HIM do His thing. We will be close enough to see the battle; indeed we must show up, but it is not out battle, for the battle is of the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:15). So we may say, Is that it? Is that all I have to do? The answer is YES! We have a front seat to see God fighting demonic forces; we really have more than a front seat, we are in the mix, we sweat, we may get dirty in the process because of the closeness to the action, we may make a move or two that can make it look like we are doing the fighting, but it is really God throwing the blows, not us. The problem is that many of us want to get in the mix of the fight as a participant and we suffer unnecessary injuries when we are really just suppose to be eye witnesses and the ones that testify of the outcomes. This is indeed a fight of faith, a fight of trusting God; for us is really a battle in our minds… We must believe that we will win and we will win for sure in spite of what our eyes can or cannot see. Some, on the other hand, are too afraid to even show up, these kinds find themselves losing without resistance. So I say show up like David did, get your rocks ready, you may be the one throwing the rock, but it is God’s power and precision that is directing that rock. You show up in the Name of the Lord and for sure you will end-up with your enemies head in your hands.

2 thoughts on “The Basic Nature of Our Battles

  1. Our Commander-and-Chief said, “I am the way” (John 14:6). But every generation asks, “How do we ‘show up’ for the battle? What constitutes the way to get our ‘rocks ready’?” From earliest times, Christians have included the Beatitudes as one way to prepare for the battle and experiencing victory. Rather than seeing the Beatitudes as a collection of wise saying, Christians view them as a “way” of life that leads us increasingly into Christlikeness. I share this view, even though it is difficult to describe it. But for now, think of it as a battle that takes us ever closer into the mind, heart, and work of Christ. The Beatitudes are a kind of “battle” in our minds that enable us to rise into increasing Christlikeness, with this invitational pattern….

    (1) The Battle of Surrender (v. 3)—everything begins with abandonment.

    (2) The Battle of Lament (v. 4)—before God, we always ‘mourn’ our sins.

    (3) The Battle of Guidance (v. 5)—God direct the steps of the ‘meek.’

    (4) The Battle of Holiness (v. 6)—understood as ‘hunger and thirst for righteousness.

    (5) The Battle of Compassion (v. 7)—living as God’s ‘merciful’ people.

    (6) The Battle of Singularity (v. 8)—’purity of heart is to will one thing” (Kierkegaard)

    (7) The Battle of Reconciliation (v. 9)—being God’s ‘peacemakers’ in a warring world.

    (8) The Battle of Suffering (v. 10)—’persecuted for righteousness’ sake.’

    (9) The Battle of Joy (v. 11-12)—’rejoice’ even when it hurts; heaven is real.

    I can only point you to these “battles” along the “way.” But taken together, they are one way to answer the question, “What does it mean to fight the good fight of faith?” And that is more than enough for now. Study them individually, but also collectively—and then “show up like David did, get your rocks ready.“


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