Titles Vs Authority Part 2

Going deeper into the discussion, I see that we could find ourselves in a place of holding a great position of authority with no authority, whatsoever. All authority comes from God; God will give you the authority before giving you the title. A title without God’s authority is just that…a worthless title.

Our society; and sad to say, but our churches also; are fill with men with great titles. It seems like everywhere we look everyone carries the title of Bishop, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Apostles or Doctor, right before their name. In many cases, these are titles without the authority of God. We have the tendency to go after what is easier! As tough as it may sound, many prefer to go through a seminary or a Christian College and work on their degrees before they are willing to submit to the authority of God. The authority of God requires going through the process of being faithful in following. Joshua would have never had the authority to lead the children of Israel into Egypt without first following Moses.

The authority of God is the anointing of God and it flows in our submission to HIS authority. People were able to see that Jesus spoke with authority and not like the Pharisees who had no authority from God (Luke 4:32).  Many are preaching, jumping up and down, asking for amens, requesting witnesses for every word they say, wearing two thousand dollar suits; with titles from Jacksonville to New York. Even as they are entertaining many; what they are saying has no life changing power, no conviction and no real submission to Jesus…they are just talking a little louder than usual. We have become seminary experts in the art of Christian Motivational Speakers. Jesus had so much authority that he told his disciples, “Follow me!” and they followed. No need for anything more, no drama and no theatrical and emotional performance. You want that kind of power? James 4:4 gives you the formula:

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.


Many of us want to experience the spectacular act of seeing the devil fleeing from us; but we will never have that kind of authority until we learn to submit ourselves to God; until we learn to resist the devil and not follow him every time it feels good to the flesh. You want the title? It is easy; you can go back to school; with enough influence, you can get an honorific title, you can buy one or just start a ministry and give yourself whatever title you want. However, if you want Authority, then go after God with all of your heart. Men can give you a title, but man will never be able to give you authority; authority comes only from God.



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