Mercy Oh God: A Prayer for Japan


Father, we are not superior to our brothers in Japan. We too, merit perpetual punishment as we all have fallen short of your glory. All we can do is cry out for mercy.  Mercy Father, I ask for mercy for the nation of Japan as they face the repercussion of nature’s wrath.  Father, I pray that they will not rely on their own patriotism and gods, but that their hearts be turned unto you. Manifest your supremacy, oh God, like you did when you took your people out of Egypt. Manifest your power as the Angel of the Lord went ahead of the Israelites as they fought the giants. May they discover how worthless and powerless there gods are and how marvelous are your ways. Shake their foundation of false religiosity; like a tsunami, destroy all false religions. Sound the trumpet of your mercy. Come and rescue your people in Japan.


Bring us to the end of ourselves; bring us to the end of our reliance on our own intellectualism. Father, we are powerless, naive even with all the knowledge of all our great universities. We can’t compare to your majesty; we can’t even come close to one thought from You.


Haiti, Chile and now Japan…are you speaking to us Father? Are we missing what all of this means? Surely you love us and for the sake of your Name I cry out mercy. Our sins are before You; we have turned our backs on You and have gone after our wicked ways. Mercy, oh God! Mercy, oh God! Help us, for we perish without You. My hope is in you and not on the mind of man; my hope is in you, oh God! Mercy, oh God! In the name of Jesus I pray…Amen!


2 thoughts on “Mercy Oh God: A Prayer for Japan

  1. I have discovered that World Vision is offering a means to contribute to Japan relief efforts via our mobile phones. This agency has a tried-and-true track record, so we commend it as a means for joining with others in helping our brothers in sisters.

    Text: 4JAPAN (all caps) to 20222.

    A $10 donation will be posted to your next phone bill.


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