What Does Your Own Crucifixion Look Like?

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

            The ultimate call for your own crucifixion is not to save others, but to be holy so that you can see God. We long for our day to see our Daddy face to face. But the reason for our crucifixion is complex and it involves others because God is a God of multiplication. The glory of God is also seen in the unattractiveness of hardship for the sake of a lost humanity who can’t make sense of tears and whose joy is inexistence.

            What does your own crucifixion look like? Did it come in the form of being sexually molested as an innocent child? Did it come in the form of drugs and alcohol? What does your own crucifixion look like? Were you the one left by your husband with three children to care for on your own? You cooked, you worked hard, you were faithful, but in the process you gained a few pounds; so, your husband walked away for one in her twenties. Your self-esteem was injured; the echo of his words still hurts today; the memories of his expressions have you walking face down. But, did you survive the pain? Rise up and may your pain spring forward the seeds in the garden of the beauty that God sees in you.

            Just like God showed his glory as He brought the children of Israel out of Egypt; just like God showed his glory as they fought for the land that was already theirs…God will show his glory in you! Did you see the crucifixion of Joseph? Betrayed by His brothers, sold into slavery, lied to in prison, forgotten and growing up without his family. But, do you know what was found on the other side of his tears; a whole nation enjoying peace and prosperity for over four hundred years.

            Did you see the crucifixion of Job? His pain is a manual of hope for many of us whose pain doesn’t even come close to his. What about the prophets? They died horrible deaths and did not even see the promise they dedicated their lives to prophesy about. Like fools in their time they were humiliated and treated as nothing.

            Did you see the crucifixions of the apostles who gave us the foundation of what is today known as the church? All but one died horrible deaths; they experience great pains for the sake of a love willing to give its life even for those who can only hate.

            Our testimony is the seminary that equips us for our particular ministry; it is the pathway with the authority to speak when seasoned with love. Jesus was crucified for the sake of others in order to be able to provide an avenue for salvation for whosoever believes; our suffering is an instrument that has the potential to point at the glory of God. Are we saving anyone? No! Only Jesus can save; but we can overcome by His blood and by our testimony.

            What does your own crucifixion look like? The greater the pain, the greater the power and the redemptive anointing in your life. Many are showing their diplomas and degrees, but, the scars of your heart are your indisputable qualifications; like Jesus as he showed the scars of his hands and feet. You don’t walk around with empty annoying words, but with words of life. You don’t have to go after human emotions and intellect; the Word that the Father has given you goes straight to the heart. So, with great honor and great pride in the glory of our God I ask you again: What does your own crucifixion look like? 

            So, then you stand today as a trophy and as a grand prize announcing the overcoming power of our Lord Jesus in your life. Specific spiritual muscles are developed in your soul; the stamina of your mind is able to push further than before; like a captain in a sinking boat; you are ready to give your life for the sake of others. Jesus is your model; you were trained for such a time as this. You were trained to go and set the captives free. Many are hiding in the caves of despair, hopelessness, depression, frustration, anguish, anger, shame and the list is never ending, but did you survive the pain of your own crucifixion? Then, look at the ID of your own calling, shine with the light of the message of redemption and go into the dark highways of inexplicable pains and tell the souls about God’s love and power. Let them look at you, let them see you; don’t hold back the transparency for your terrorizing nightmares, but release the never failing power of God in you to heal the broken souls. Go, they are in your family; they are in your neighborhood, in your jobs, in the bus stops…go!

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Own Crucifixion Look Like?

  1. The crucified life is routine life lived under the influence of revelation. It is human life experienced and expressed as “the life of God in the human soul.” It is the life God intended for every human being to have when He created us in his image.


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