“Godly Mentorship” By Prophet G. Craige Lewis

Phil. 3:17 – ‘Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives
after mine, and learn from those who follow our example.’




Whether you take time to do it, or it just happens by default, you have chosen a mentor! Your mentor is the person that you have chosen to be an example, to guide your path, direction, and future. And it’s usually a person that you never have to ask to be your mentor, but it just happens because God has lead them into your life. Beware of people that ask to mentor you or that you have to ask for mentorship. That is usually your own agenda at work. The sad part is that many of us have allowed the wrong person to be in this position. And the way to know if you have placed the wrong person there, is to measure your progress. Are you at a stand still? Have you been walking in the same steps for the past few years? Has anything significant changed in your life because of this person leading you? Well, if your answer is no, then you have placed the wrong person in front of you and you are marking the wrong steps.

Mentorship requires someone that can look beyond their personal feelings and guide you based on the word of God and their wisdom. It needs to be someone that is not self centered, and not concerned about how they will look or how you will affect what they have going. You need someone that is focused on the big picture and can lead you according to what God has done for them. Never have a mentor that is not above you spiritually! Never have a mentor that is not progressing themselves. Never have a mentor that is not living their own life progressively. And whomever you have allowed to influence your life, will only influence you based on their own progress. So, be sure that you are submitting yourself to a person that has been where you are going or has conquered the things you are up against. Cut loose people in your life that just have opinions and no substance! They can talk it but have not walked it. They can say it but have not experienced it. Never submit yourself to anyone that has not taken authority over their own issues. Bottom line, submit yourself to the person that is totally submitted to God. God’s way is their way, and they can mentor you as God leads them.

Suggested Reading: 1 Tim 3: 1-14, Psa. 37:37, Rom. 16:17, Phil. 3:17, Psa 37:23

©2011 G. Craige Works All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on ““Godly Mentorship” By Prophet G. Craige Lewis

  1. Hi, this is a very enspiring article. I just want to say that Harold Smith is my mentor and meets ALL of those requirements. I am thankful that God has placed such a man of God in my life.



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