Reflections on my Forty-Third Birthday

Today, I find myself full of joy, I find myself at peace and with a greater intimacy with the Lord. God is indeed good! I look to the future with great expectation! God has already shown me a piece of the promise land. Happy birthday to me! 

Happy Resurrection Sunday

We all have our times where everything seems dead, dark and hopeless. We all have many crucifixions, many wounds, and much pain. Many have the scars to show the evidence of the rough times. But thank God for Jesus! With His resurrection He also gave us the power to enjoy the resurrection Sundays in our lives! Beloved, your glorious Sunday is coming!!!!!! For sure, without a doubt… your glorious Sunday is coming!!!!!

Small E-Book: People of God, Get Up; We Do Not Belong on the Floor

Beloved, there is a war taking place on the inside of us; it is the war between the part of you that wants to do the right thing and the part of you that loves sin. Every Christian is engaging in that war daily. The soul is in the middle, deciding between the will of your sinful nature and the will of the Spirit of God in you. This war is designed for you to fail on your own; we don’t even have a chance if we try to engage in these things with our own power. This war is also designed to establish our dependence in God.

He Is Waiting

We must seek the Lord in our secret place; our homes ought to be open to glorify God with our families through songs, through Bible Studies, Devotional Times, Prayer, etc. Intimacy, intimacy…intimacy with God is what we desperately need. We need to get to know HIM personally and stop being satisfied with what others say about Him.

From Shame to Glory Part 2

I am sure you have some shameful situation where you were directly or indirectly involved in something you hope the world will never know! I am sure that many have a past that is constantly hunting your present and stealing the wings of your future. I don’t know what it is! However, if, like Ruth, we abandon our gods and our worthless ways and go wholeheartedly after Jehovah He will turn things around for good.

From Shame to Glory Part 1

It always amazes me how God can take a completely horrible situation and turn it around with a redemptive “off the wall” purpose. It is without a doubt that Ruth is one amazing character!

Three Reasons for War

As we continue on our journey; we must realize the only Victor of our battles. The overwhelming reason printed in the history of Israel, and perhaps in our own, is that we must learn that it is God who fights our battles. How can we know the majestic powers of our God if we never see Him moving like a Mighty Warrior against the giants of our lives?

“Are You Available?” By Prophet G. Craig Lewis

I’m not talking about mistakes or slip-ups, but I’m talking about living a sinful lifestyle, (living together, homosexual, lesbian, etc.)! Let me tell you, if you are in a sexual relationship as a single, then prepare to stay single! God ain’t blessing you with someone in that illicit relationship.

Truth by my Son Angelo

God bestows upon me purpose, and my purpose is to live the testimony; a testimony devoid of opinions, perspectives, statistics, theories and philosophies; the testimony of His Son; the Son who stands upon the waters and assures that I no longer have to swim feebly; the Son who raises me up when everyone readies themselves to stone me; the Son who touched my leprosy.

What About God’s Afflictions?

Have you ever stopped to think about all that God has done for you; the many times He delivered you from death itself? Just like Israel, we see God blessing us over and over; we move away from Him, things don’t go well, we cry out to HIM again, He delivers us, but again we move away and so on. It is painful to read the Word and see this awful cycle!