Family, Friends and Me: Original Photos by Angel Casiano

Me and my Little Brother Carlos! As you can see we are both going bald.

With my dad Luis and Mom Norma at The Jackosonville, Landing.

My Dad Luis A. Casiano.

My daughter Ileana at The Holy Land Exerience in Orlando, Florida. Don’t worry, she is ok!

Just me: A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Just me: A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

Pochito running for his life from Browncito! LOL!

Babo, Jubi and Dante eating a “small” snack at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando!

2 responses to “Family, Friends and Me: Original Photos by Angel Casiano”

  1. Hi, I came across your page by chance (NOT REALLY). I was reading your blog and said let me see what you look like. Soon as I saw the photo, I said to my wife “I know him!”
    I volunteer at CRM!!! in the kitchen. I don’t know why God is moving in this manner BUT, I know, it is, of God.
    I have been trying to get into the mentoring program. We have not been able to get our time(s) in sync. Also, my desire is to become part of the ministry program. So until then I fit in where I get in! Amen Be Blessed


    • God bless you Steve! I don’t think I know you, but love to meet you! If your desire is from God, He will give you the desires of your heart. There is much to do with the homeless comunity. God bless you brother!


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