Looking with the Eyes that are Able to See beyond the Wall of Our Mess

“Now the works of the flesh are evident…” (Galatians 5:19)


          It amazes me how folk in the church that call themselves Apostles and Elders of cities are so negative in every word they say when it comes down to describing the current condition of the church. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blind concerning our issues, personally and as a Body. However, it is sickening to see these guys walking around thinking so high of themselves and so low of others. They even call that discernment!  If you engage in a conversation with them about local churches in Jacksonville, they will make you feel like all the local churches in town are preaching heresy and that they are all going straight to hell.

            I work in a Christian drug and rehabilitation program and one of our greatest challenges as counselors is to teach our students to look at the great work that God has done in them already. It is an even greater challenge to get them to see the work of God in others. It seems like everyone is always ready to point out the wrong. That is the truth, for some of us, in our families, the culture in our neighborhoods that we grew up in and perhaps the mindset of society in general. Have you noticed what makes the six o’clock news? However, they choose to look at what is obvious: “the works of the flesh.”

            Beloved, no special training is needed to see what is wrong. The Bible tells us that “the works of the flesh are evident.” The word “evident” means “obvious.”  The special training is needed to see beyond the mess and the insignificance of your current condition. It was God looking at Abraham as he called him to be the father of many nations when Abraham was an old man. It was God calling Gideon, a mighty warrior, when he was cowardly hiding from the enemy. It was God picking David out of a family that did not recognize his greatness as they did not even consider David to be anointed as king out of the hand of the Prophet Samuel. Should I keep going?

            Who are we to feel so above everyone just because we can see the flaws? Who is going to open his or her eyes and call those things that are not into reality? Who is able to see beyond the wall of my mess? For that, you need God’s Spirit; it is not obvious. As a matter of fact, it is far away from reality. It is far away from human comprehension. For God uses the foolish things to mock the wise.  There is a cry that wants to give glory to God, a cry that yells: “Look at me, look at what my Heavenly Daddy did; it is real, it is powerful, will you listen to me?” There is a cry that is asking for us to be able to look with the eyes of God, the incomparable penetrating eyes that are able to see beyond the walls of our mess.

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