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From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part I

Let me then write the story of the beginning of my new found love:

     I was a widow when I saw her for the second time; I was a pastor in North Carolina and a wounded man who was missing his wife of eighteen years, miserably. I was also engaged to one that was not really the one, but who helped me to medicate the pain of my wife who was gone.

      I was miserable, I was engaged and falsely looking for a breakthrough in that new relationship; but all the red flags that could possibly be raised, were there! Nevertheless, I pressed on; “It will be better when we get married; it will all work-out at the end.” I foolishly told myself many times! I left North Carolina and returned to Jacksonville to marry this woman; and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

      So I found myself alone again with my three children; even more miserable than I was before! I was with enough grace to work and with enough grace to raise my children, but felt lonely in the midst of so many people. But God…

      My new found love is Rayette! When I first saw Rayette; she was known as Doctor Jones. She was, indeed, the doctor for the whole community of Gates County in North Carolina; the county where I used to reside. I am not one to visit the doctor too often, but this thing was bothering me so much, that I set an appointment with this…Dr. Jones.

      I was convinced, for whatever reason that I was going to meet with a man…a Doctor Man; especially for the issue that I was going for; I really preferred a Male Doctor! I was finally called by the nurse; it was not a long wait; people were truly nice in the small Gates County Medical Center. The nurse did the routinely things and I was now waiting to see the doctor.

      A few minutes later, Dr. Jones joined me in that room. Dr. Jones came in and I was trying my best to keep it cool…Doctor Jones was not a man, but a beautiful, slender, kind, sweet black woman whom I found out very quickly, knew more Spanish than any average American. However, I saw her for the first time under very difficult circumstances. It was not until later that I realize that I saw Rayette for the first time the day before my first wife die; December 28, 2005.


2 responses to “From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part I”

  1. I saw you and your family on Living Alaska and I was impressed with the joy your family emanates–and your sense of adventure! I am always heartened when I see people freely expressing their faith. Enjoy Alaska!


    1. Thank you; blessings to you and your family!


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