From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part II

I believe that I sporadically saw Doctor Jones a couple of times after our first encounter; but it was more like a “hi” and “bye” thing for me. She actually worked within walking distance of my office at The Gates County Department of Social Services. I also believed that we spoke over the phone once, but it was all business related.

      The reason for our second encounter was because my daughter hurt herself playing in the playground. Jubi, my daughter, did not mention anything to me until that night. I was, at that time, raising my two boys and my daughter by myself. Jubi came to me and told me that she was hurting; she was hurting in her private part.

     I was so nervous; I did not know what to do! I encouraged Jubi to keep me informed about her pain and the next day I was going to take her to The Gates County Medical Center. Early that morning, I showed up with my daughter at the Medical Center for a walk-in. Again, people are so nice in that clinic! I did not wait much at all before Doctor Jones was examining my daughter.

     I don’t know exactly what she did, but she assured me that everything would be fine and Doctor Jones was right. I was feeling a whole lot better and that was probably the first time that I relaxed a little in the presence of Doctor Jones. In our small conversation I informed her that my birthday was approaching and that there was going to be a celebration taking place in my church. I added that I would love for her to come with her family. Never in a million years did I imagine that Dr. Jones was going to show up at my church, but she did.

      Out of all the people that came to my birthday, it was Doctor Jones that I appreciated the most. It was truly sweet to see her there. I wanted to talk to her so much. Many days before, I wanted to call her and ask her out on a date; but I could not make myself do such thing. Again, I was engaged and I was also a pastor. We spoke on my birthday about a few things that I don’t even remember; but I remember how good I felt having Doctor Jones come to my birthday.

      My parents lived with me in North Carolina for a season and during that time, Doctor Jones became their doctor. My mom in particular, became good friends with her. My mom knew much about the personal life of our beloved, little county, doctor.

      During the time that I moved to the center of the county (Gatesville), Doctor Jones was a good friend with my next door neighbor. What a pleasant surprise I received when I saw her! However, I saw her with another man, so I was convinced that Doctor Jones was already taken (I was wrong, that man was just a friend from church!) and again, I reminded myself that I was engaged and that I was a pastor. As always, Doctor Jones was so, very kind; we said “hi” to each other and as always, I found a way of cutting our conversation short.


4 responses to “From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part II”

  1. Rayette Avatar

    Hey! You forgot to add the fact that the man you saw me with was simply a fellow church member. lol.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      I guess your side of the story is needed! 🙂


      1. Rayette Avatar

        Evidently it is! LOL


  2. Debbie Manning (Michael) Avatar
    Debbie Manning (Michael)

    O how I loved, admired and was always so “Thankful” for Dr. Jones when I lived in Gatesville.


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