From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part III

A little over a month before I was to return to Jacksonville, Florida; the Lord gave me a message entitled: “On the Other Side of the Valley of Suffering.” By that time, I already resigned as a Pastor, so I had nothing to do on Sundays. The Lord specifically told me, I want you to preach this message wherever I open a door until you leave to Jacksonville. At that moment, I had no invitations to preach anywhere; but the invitations started coming very quickly.

     The next four Sundays, I preached in different churches and in obedience to God, I preached that message: “On the Other Side of the Valley of Suffering.” That message was used by God to bless many people! I always started this message by telling people about me leaving and getting married and so on.

        One of the invitations I received was to preach at Pastor Eric’s church (The Upper Room Assembly in Gatesville). There I saw Dr. Jones for the last time before I left. I heard that she was a member there; but for some reason, it still was a surprise for me to see her. I remember very vividly that I was struggling with the idea of speaking about me leaving and getting married. The struggle was directly connected with the fact that Doctor Jones was there. I tried my best not to look at her; it was hard to focus that day.

      At the end of the service, I ministered to many people by praying for them. One person that made the line for prayer was Dr. Jones. I prayed for what she requested prayer for. I will not share her request out of respect for her privacy; but that was my last interaction with Doctor Jones. A few days after that, on December 1, 2007; I was on my way to Jacksonville with my three children; I was convinced that I was coming out of the valley of suffering; but in actuality, I was about to get deeper into it. The valley of suffering is not the emphasis of this story; you can look at my blog and get a good idea of that dark season in my life


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