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From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part IV

I have prayed much in my life; as a matter of fact, one of my deepest desires is to be a true man of prayer. I have fallen short many times in my time with God and in the meditation of His ways; but in my life, I remember three life-changing prayers that were honored by God.

     I prayed for my first wife Ileana to be saved; three weeks later she accepted the Lord as her Lord and Savior. I am so glad to know that she is with the Lord right now and that one day I will see her again. I prayed for a daughter after listening to a song entitled Butterfly Kisses ( by Bob Carlisle. Nine months later, my daughter Jubilee was born. I will never forget those prayers. However, in April of this year I found myself praying another desperate life changing prayer. I prayed for a wife, I prayed for my suitable helper.

          I got on my knees and I described the personality that I wanted for my wife. I wanted her to be black, sweet, involved in ministry in her local church and to know Spanish. Surely, God is my witness that I was not thinking about Dr. Jones. I had more than enough reasons to believe that that was not even a possibility. But a few days after that, I receive a friend request from a lady by the name of Rayette Pollard; her profile photo was a bench next to a beautiful beach, so I did not know who this person was. But she identified herself as, formerly known, Dr. Jones. My heart dropped with excitement. I immediately told my parents, who were visiting me, look who I found on Facebook? As I mentioned Dr. Jones, I could see the positive reaction of my parents and even my brother Carlos. I initiated my first communication by writing:

“Hello Doctor; I was just thinking about you the other day. I am so glad that you found me. Much to talk about. My parents are here with me and I gave them your message. They were so happy to hear from you also. We remember you with such respect and admiration. Did you move?”

She replied:

“I haven’t moved yet. We leave May 20th. We are heading for the Marshall Islands, more specifically Kwajalein. I used to live there in elementary school. I think of you and your family often. I pray things are going well down in FL. But then again, it’s FL so it could never be that bad. 🙂 My children and I have visited FL for the past two summers and we absolutely love it. I think about your Jonah message A LOT. I don’t know if you remember it, but I sure do. It’s helped me on more than one occasion that’s for sure. I’d love to catch up. Feel free to email me at ___________________or call ____________________anytime in the evening. I’ll be home packing (if I’m smart) otherwise I’ll be sitting on my couch being lazy. Lol”

     And just like that; this was how this whole thing started. Rayette and I have spoken every day since. I believe that a Prophetess put it best when she told me: “Even as you guys only know each other for an apparent short period of time; you guys knew each other’s spirits from the beginning.”

     Very quickly, I realized that this is the woman I prayed for; this is the woman that proves that God always has more; this is indeed, my future wife. But there was a problem. Rayette had gone through her own valley of suffering and Rayette was ready to leave as she accepted a job more than seven thousand miles away.

        Rayette needed to come to Florida for some classes that she needed to have for her new job. I told myself, “We will be able to know if what we feel is real or not.” From the moment I saw Rayette, I realized that which I was feeling for her was real. I started realizing another beautiful truth; what she was feeling for me was also, real. Now it is for sure; I love this lady and she loves me, but there was a problem, she was still leaving…


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