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From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part V

Time was running out; my love for her was rapidly increasing and we both found ourselves weeping with the idea of her departure. Reality started sinking in: Rayette was on her way to leave for a far away island for at least two years. It was now Wednesday May 11, 2011, only a couple of days for Rayette to truly make an official trip even more official. I was feeling depressed in my job all day long; I could not see myself having Rayette going so, far away from me. That Wednesday, I told my children, “There is a time where a man has to do what a man has to do.”

            I got in my car that night and started driving to North Carolina to surprise Rayette and tell her face-to-face: “Por favor, no te vayas, te lo suplico.” (Rough translation: I was about to beg for her not to go!) I was tired that night, but I wanted to drive until I was about two and half hours from her job. I called her through the night as we repeatedly told each other how much we miss each other. Everything worked out as plan; I wanted to be at her job to surprise her with a red flower at around 2:00 PM on Thursday May 12, 2011.

       As I arrived at her job with my flower and saw Rayette, I saw a woman crying and laughing at the same time. I proceeded to then beg her not to go. It was, without a doubt, one, if not the most, beautiful moment in my life. Rayette decided not to go and ever since, we have made a few trips back and forth from Florida to North Carolina and vice-versa. Our children are fully aware of our new found love and we are looking forward to being able to marry, soon. Rayette is simply perfect for me! For now, I will stop writing about this story, but I have the feeling that this is just the beginning!


3 responses to “From Doctor Jones to Rayette Part V”

  1. Ok so I couldn’t resist reading this story. I just visited Dr. Pollard last week for my daughter and she shared with me about karate and her new engagement. Well to make this short I was checking out your blog to learn more about the karate but of course couldn’t stop there :). I enjoyed learning about you through your blog and hearing about your special love for Rayette. How sweet it is when God brings us out of the valley. Rayette truly deserves a special Godly man! Praise God for answering prayers! Blessings to you both!
    † traci


    1. It is a beautiful story indeed! Thank you so much for your kind words Traci.


      1. Yes. Dr. Jones is the best. I use to work for AH….GCMC was a subsidiary. The staff at the medical center are the best people. (Well, the staff that was there from 2005 – 2008.) I am so happy for her, as well as yourself….BLESSINGS TO YOU THE BOTH…


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