A Word For A Christian Sinner

No matter what you did yesterday, no matter what you did just a moment ago, no matter how bad it may be…


“Understand this; says the Lord:  I know you feel bad; as a matter of fact, I know you feel terrible, for my Spirit dwells in you to give you conviction of sin.” Make no mistake about it, your sin carries consequences; terrible consequences, indeed. Sin will steal your laughter, your joy and even your health. But, the Body of Christ must understand this, says the Lord: “Don’t run away from Me, for only in Me can you find the power to overcome sin. Don’t do what the enemy wants you to do; for he fills you with condemnation and shame so that you walk away from Me. The enemy calls you hypocrite, but let me give you something that I want you to treasure,

-Hypocrisy, is not to sin and still press on to God, for that is the smart thing to do. Hypocrisy is to pretend that you are what you are not- Should the sick run away from the hospital or ignore the counsel of doctors? Bring me your mess, bring me your struggles, bring me your sin and don’t walk away from Me. For I love you, I will discipline you, I will change you and I will restore you to the fullness. Walking away from me will only make matters worse…I will strengthen you and fill you with wisdom. My rainbow continues to stand as a sign of my covenant with you…I will never give up on my children!”


Beloved, the older I get in the Lord, the more insight I receive about mankind’s Six Thousand Year Struggle. We are filled with idols in our hearts that we must remove and we must trust the Lord enough to believe that He can bring down the giants in our lives. What we worship (idols) get a hold of our spirits. Our giants intimidate the soul to continue to walk after the desires of the flesh. Both are indeed, designed to kill us.  So the Lord is saying:


“Trust Me in all things; without me you can’t do anything; but in Me, and only in Me, you can do all things. Are you surprised at the doings of your filthy flesh? I am not, says the Lord, for I am God and nothing surprises Me. But you must come after me; do not harden your hearts. The enemy is bombarding your mind with condemnation and hopeless thoughts. But I say, come to Me and repent for I am faithful to forgive you. But if you don’t repent, you will surely reap what you are sowing, for I can’t and will not be mocked. I want you to reap in the Spirit because there you will find the life that you are searching for; a life that will go beyond your wildest expectations. My ways are different, but My ways are also better, says the Lord. Come to Me, even now, come to Me; let Me work on your heart, let Me change you, let Me strengthen you, let Me give you wisdom, let Me fill you with my peace, let Me give you joy and let Me restore you.”