The Love That Goes Beyond Our Sin

             Where is that love which is able to see beyond our obvious humanity and faults? Where is that love that stands strong, even after the wrong thing is said or done? Where is that love when we are the ones that stand guilty before God and men? Sooner or later, we will find ourselves in the middle of the shameful trap of the flesh; it is then that we look for love; and it is then that, many times, love is not found.

            I know from my own experience, especially as carrying the title of “The Man of God,” that it has been very difficult to confess my sins and to show myself vulnerable, especially in front of my children. We learn to act a certain way and work hard to keep a certain image; but God, in His love for us, has a way of exposing our mess so that we can humble ourselves before Him so that He can do surgery in our hearts. I have discovered that the more transparent and sincere I am with my children, the more doors are opened for them to speak about their own weaknesses. It may sound like a contradiction, but I have found the strength of God in my weaknesses; He is truly strong when I am weak. Proverbs 10:12 tells us:

“Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.”

            Hatred is indeed, contrary to love. Strife is the end-result of hate. I am not saying that in a good relationship there will never be any conflict; however the continual stir-ups of strife are a clear evidence of the absence of love. We are not talking about a cover-up; a cover-up means that we hide the sin and refuse to deal with it. The priority of a cover-up’s agenda is to keep things a secret and in the dark; it is not about restoration or healing, it is about pursuing “getting away with it.”

            The word “cover” in this verse means: “refuge, hiding place, shelter.”When we create an environment where we can freely confess our sins and bring them to life, we are in a place that is full of life and a place where people are becoming like Christ in an accelerated fashion. Beloved, our problem is sin! From daddy, to mom, to our children, to our relationships, to our families, communities, cities and as a nation; our problem is sin.

            So the question is: How did God deal with sin? He gave His only begotten Son. That is our Holy example. It is Jesus being falsely accused and refusing to defend Himself; it is Christ, just moments before giving His life for us, stating: “Father forgive them because they know not what they are doing.” We show our love by giving, by sacrificing, by dying to self, by putting others first. That is the love that covers; the love that offers you shelter when everybody else leaves you to die. It is in that kind of love that we find life and restoration. It is that kind of love that will produce the power to cause others to drop their stones as they come, eager to stone you to death. That is the kind of love that moves us away from sin and brings us closer to Christ and that is the kind of love that will never fail; that is the love that goes beyond our sin.


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